10ton winch Building Electric Windlass/Long Steel Rope anchor electrical winch windlass

Keyword:Building Electric Winches   Time:2019-5-4 1:07:26

 JK electric hoisting and lowering winch is mainly used  for hoisting heavy cargos in construction site, factory, mine, port, JK  winch is suitable for free fall punching & piling for bridge, dock,  construction works and so on.
 JK electric hoisting and lowering winch we sell is in  compliance with the national standard. The design of hoisting and lowering  winch is reasonable, The materials are of good quality, The structure is  advanced. The appearance of hoisting and lowering winch is beautiful  and the size is compact, the weight is light, the hand pull force is small and  parts have high strength, big tenacity, and all these make hoisting and  lowering winch safe and durable. And mine winches are popular at  home and abroad.


 Packing & Delivery
 Auto application and electric power source best portable  electric winch
 1.  Use the wooden box made of inspection free plates in line with export  requirements, and use plywood with a thickness of 9mm-15mm.
 2. The  wooden box made of solid wood can meet the requirements of export through  fumigation and detoxification.
 3.  Boxes board joint is tight, the box board combination is smooth without  dislocation, the cloth nail is reasonable, the reinforcement belt is not less  than 2, to meet the requirements of the export.