Double braking building crane hoist electric cable pulling winch

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building material lift electric winch 5t  10t:
 Product Description
 JM electric winch is mainly used for large and oversize  concreate constructure of steel installation and disassembly of mechanical  equipment,This structure Characteristic is wire rope orderly arrangement lifting is safe and railable. It is suitable for bridge port and ect road and  bridge engineering and large factories and mines engineering equipments installation.


 Wirerope  Electric Winch Description 
 In the industry, three phase electric building material winch price is most commonly used, widely for hoisting and dragging the weight materials, The wire rope is arranged in orderly, which can divided into construction winch, marine winch, anchor winch, mine winch, building winch, cable winch, etc. According to the speeds and structures, it contains JM, JK, JMM, JKL, JC, ZKJ, JKD, etc. All the designing are required of Chinese Crane Standard.

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 Product Description
 JM construction windlasses are composed of base, motor, elastic coupling, hydraulic brake, enclosed triple-reduction gear box, Winch Series reel and brackets with electrical control cabinet.
 When the motor starts, the elastic coupling drives the reduction gear box, then  of which the output shaft drives the revolution of reel. All the motors are the YZR-series products adopting the national standard (GB).