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Product  Description
 Building electric windlass. JM-series electric slow speed electric windlass for large equipment lifting and pulling in mine, marine, construction site, shipyard, slipway, plant and so on..
 There are two type in this series, small pull capacity and large pull capacity. Large pull capacity mostly are applicable to port building, traction of shipyard, steel structure transport and assemble, disassemble, pulling machines. Its feature is that line rope pull large, sometimes with rope guider for wire rope dispose trimly, safety and credible..
 Small pull capacity mostly are applicable for construction, pulling,lifting, disassembly, traction, assembly in construction company, mine, factory and so on.

 Standard electrical windlass:
 2ton with 150m wire rope, motor power 7.5kw,speed: 10m/min, wire rope dia:12.5mm
 3ton with 180m wire rope, motor power 7.5kw,speed: 10m/min, wire rope dia:16mm
 5ton with 250m wire rope, motor power 11kw, speed:  10m/min, wire rope dia:22mm
10ton with 450m wire rope, motor power 30kw, speed 9m/min, wire rope 30mm

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 Also we can supply any length wire rope on drum as client  requirement. line pull capacity from 1ton to 50ton.

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 1.Hoisting capacity is 1ton to 350ton;
 2.Rope capacity is 100m to 3500m;
 3.Working duty is A5, A6, A7;
 In the winch industry, electric capstan winch is widely used for hoisting and dragging the weight
 materials, which can divided into construction winch, marine winch, anchor winch, mine winch, building winch, cable winch, etc. electric capstan winch is in an ordered arrangement. 
 According to the speeds and structures, it contains JM, JK, JMM, JKL, JC, ZKJ, JKD, etc. All the designing meet the requirement of Chinese Crane Standard. Please tell us your detail requires and usage, we will design the suitable winch for you until you satisfied.

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