Construction building wire rope electric winch 400v

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Product  Description
 Electric winches mainly used for oversize concrete construction of steel installation and disassembly of mechanical equipment. The wire rope ordered arrangement. Lifting is safe and reliable. It is suitable for bridge, factory, harbor, wharf, etc. Gear reducer driving,Used for hoisting, pulling, drag, compact structure, stable running.

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 Electric winches adopts tape rotor electrical machine and common electric motor as power.
 They can drive drum combine with structure of changing speed, in order to load and unload. Electric winches can be widely used in middle and small residence, fit up of construction, lifting plank, digging well and lifting etc. 
 The product has the characteristic brake promptly, small volume, light, compact,
 convenient and easy to maintain.
 1. Cap.: 1-65T
 2. Lifting height: 2400m
 3. Lifting speed: single/VVVF
 4. Voltage: 220v/380v/400v/415v
 5. Push button or cam control
 6. Siemens electric system
 7. Current overload protection function, Voltage lower protection function.

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