Construction 3 ton double brake building material lift electric winch

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Product description:
Wire Rope Winch JM-3T is a high-performance heavy duty electric wire rope winch and is ideal for materials and equipment loading. With 3000 kg line pull capacity suited for construction, building pulling. It Features an column gear speed reducer, integrated sealed switching controller, dynamic hydraulic/ electromagnetism brake,and three phase asynchronism crane motor. Steel welded drum with flange.

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The hoist is a light-weight lifting device that uses a reel to wrap a wire rope or chain to lift or pull heavy objects. The hoist can be lifted vertically, horizontally or tilted. Winches are divided into manual hoist, electric hoist and hydraulic winch. Electric winch is now the main which can be used alone, but also for lifting, road construction and mine lifting and other mechanical components, because of simple operation, large rope around, easy to move and widely used.
The product is highly versatile, compact structure, small size, light weight, play a major, easy to use, is widely used in construction, water conservancy projects, forestry, mining, wharf and other materials lift or flat drag, but also for modern electronic control Automatic operation line of the ancillary equipment.
In the winch industry, electric capstan winch is widely used for hoisting and dragging the weight materials, which can divided into construction winch, marine winch,anchor winch, mine winch,building winch,cable winch etc. electric capstan winch is in an ordered arrangement.
According to the speeds and structures,it contains JM,JK,JMM,JKL,JC,ZKJ,JKD etc.All the designing meet the requirement of Chinese Crane Standard. Please tell us your detail requires and usage, we will design the suitable winch for you until you are satisfied.



  • Switch controller with forward, stop and reverse

  • Switching Method: Hand turn control wires with steel cover protection

  • Uses 3 wires to power supply connection

  • 3000 kg line pull capacity

  • Drum capacity 16mm x 180m  ropes

  • Braking: Electric dynamic hydraulic brake, can stop the drum when power loose, also can plus mechanical brake.

  • With bolt holes on bottom for mounting.

  • Shipping weight 1000kg

  • Appraise size: 1775mm(L) x 1150mm(W) x 1100mm(H)

  • Motor: 7.5kw, 380v, 3P, 50HZ,

  • High safety and precision;

  • Safety protection device;

  • Starting and stopping smoothly;

  • Reasonable structure,easy maintenance;

  • Top quality with competitive price.


  • Easy to install, operate and maintenance.

  • Low noise and good working condition.

  • Light weight, convenience in using and transferring.

  • Widely application and low cost.


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