Lifting for building materials anchor towing pulling winch

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Product Description
 JM model slow speed electric winch is most commonly used winch in construction site or workshop, etc. And power supply for the electric winch varies from 110v-440v/50&60HZ according to different countries' situation, and the rated speed of wire rope on the drum is 2m/min ~ 20m/min.
 slow building electric winch can be mainly used in lifting, moving and installing points in construction companies and workshop.
 Construction building factory price low speed 10t rope winch for boats is a kind of widely using machine in lifting machinery. It can lift heavy weight in the Construction Site and Port pier, also it can be the extractive power in installing of the factories and mines.
 Building material low speed electric winch for sale, This series is slow speed electric motor driven gear winch; It is mainly used for hoisting, drag-and-drop, loading cargo, such as all kinds of large concrete construction, steel constructions installation and disassemble; The winches are applied to construction company, mine, factory and other installation engineering projects company;
 This series winch is mainly used for large and oversize concrete construction of steel installation and disassemble of mechanical equipment. This structural characteristic is wire rope orderly arrangement lifting is safe and reliable. It is suitable for bridge port and road and bridge engineering and large factories and mines engineering equipment  installation.
 It not only can be used independently, but also can work with other large-scale and complex machine. It has been a necessary machine in the Construction Site and Port pier.
 The slow building electrical winch series can be mainly used in lifting, disassemble, moving and installing points in construction companies, diggings and workshop.
 Main construction features: strong pulling power, steel cable arrange in an orderly way, with safety and reliable.


  • Slow speed, Steadily working

  • Light duty, compact design, beauty and reasonable price

  • High strength component, Durable and Reliable

  • In the industry, the cable electric winch 6 ton is most commonly used, widely for hoisting and dragging the weights at different construction working sites, or for fishing boats.

  • The cable electric winch wire rope is arranged in order, which can be divided into construction winch, marine winch, anchor winch, mine winch, building winch, cable winch, etc.

  • According to the speed and structure, it contains JM, JK, JMM, JKL, JC, ZKJ, JKD, etc.  All the designing are required of Chinese Crane Standard.

  • The cable electric winch designs meet the requirement of Chinese Crane Standard.

  • Steady performance and easy maintenance

  • Electric current overload protection

  • Weight overload protection function

  • Limit switch

  • Low voltage protection

  • Color sandblast, premium painting finishing

  • RAMHOIST electric winch with stable quality and good service. 



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