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What are the important factors in the operation of the fall arrester?

 The invention relates to the technical field: safety protection device            

 Fall arrester structure form: shell, rope clamp, connecting plate            

 Peripheral configuration: There are two fixed handles on the left front and back of the shell of the speed differential crash preventer, two movable handles on the right front and back of the shell, a rope inlet on the top of the shell and an outlet on the bottom.           

 Internal structure: The rope clamp is set in the outer shell. There are two connecting  plates on the front and back symmetrical planes of the upper and lower ends of the rope clamp. The holes at one end of the connecting plate are matched with the protrusion of the rope clamp. The other end of the upper connecting plate (two) is connected with the movable handle (two) through square pins, and the  other side of the two lower connecting plates is connected with each other. One end is connected with the outer shell by a circular pin, and the square pin and  the circular pin are connected by a spring.            

 Fall arrester features: advanced structure, easy installation, stable locking and so on.           

 Physical function of fall arrester: When accidents occur between upper and lower poles and towers of high-altitude workers, the fall arrester connected to the upper and lower poles and towers of high-altitude workers can quickly lock the safety and protection strands, prevent workers from falling, and ensure their life safety.            

 In the construction of construction or large-scale projects, the protection measures of fall arrester should be carried out in high-altitude operation in order to ensure the safety of your life and property.            

 Many people think that there is protection of high-altitude crash preventer, so high-altitude operation is very safe. In fact, it is not so.Operators often need to consider a lot of external factors. In the process of high-altitude operation, continuous calculation and consideration are carried out to maximize the safety and reliability of operation.            

 Usually, the following elements must be taken into account in the calculation of fall arrester operation:            

 1.  Relevant technical parameters and working conditions of the speed difference crash preventer products, such as rated lifting weight, lifting height, overall stability, etc.           

 2. The target position of the fall arrester also needs to be calculated, such as height, horizontal distance, weight bearing limit, etc.            

 3.  In the process of heavy industrial fall arrester, the calculation of relevant safety height should also be carried out.            

 Reminds you of the way to store the fall arrester:            

 1.  When the fall arrester completes lifting operation, it must be stored correctly.           

 2.  It is necessary to inspect any damage of the industrial fall arrester in the course of use, not the safety fall arrester that has been damaged in storage. If it is contaminated by acid and alkali, it should be diluted and neutralized with water and dried naturally.           

 3.  In the near future, it will no longer be used to store fall arresters under clean, dry, well ventilated conditions, room temperature and on shelves, away from heat sources, corrosive gas, chemicals, direct sunlight or other strong ultraviolet radiation.

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