Manual Hoists
  • VT Chain Blocks

    VT Chain Blocks are a portable lifting device easily operated by hand, which can be attached to a trolley of any type as a traveling chain blocks and one kind of using simply and carrying easily manual hoisting machinery. VT Chain Blocks have the same technology as japanese vital chain blocks but with much lower price.

  • VB Chain Blocks

    chain blocks are portable lifting device easily operated by hand chain which are specially advantageous for lifting work in the open air and places where no power supply in available----a kind of manual lifting hoists, which also has different names like chain block hoist, manual chain blocks.

  • VD chain blocks

    VD chain blocks with high efficiency and small and hand pulling, are portable lifting device which are easily operated by hand with safe operation, durable in service with light weight and fine appearance. VD chain blocks are same technology as kito chain blocks but price is much lower.

  • CK Chain Blocks

    CK chain blocks are the products of the advanced technology of the world in the form of HS-C hand chain blocks. for some customers, it is called chain block pulley. In addition to the traditional features of the HS-C type chain hoists, CK type hand chain blocks have more small hand pull, high safety factor, elegant appearance,more suitable with thicker cover and stronger hooks, which is the best type in triangle type.

  • HSC chain blocks

    HSC chain blocks also named HS-C series chain blocks, which have advanced technology in the form of HS-Z hand chain blocks. HSC chain blocks are the kind of widely used and portable manual operating hoisting machine, they belong to Triangle Chain Blocks. we are professional exporter.

  • SK Chain Blocks

    chain blocks are widely used manual hoisting machinery which is easy to use and carry, with small tension and light weight, adopt high strength material experienced heat treatment. some people prefer to call them round chain blocks or hsz chain blocks.

  • DE Chain Blocks

    Chain blocks are portable, easily used manual lifting equipment which have the square shape shell and the inner shape is round, with light weight and small and compact structure, and they can used in high levels and even narrow places. they are hand chain blocks or hand operated chain blocks.

  • DF Chain Blocks

    chain blocks which are driven by manpower through the chain and sprocket, are the kind of efficient and versatile lifting tools. DF chain blocks are one of the type of hand-pull gourd, which is also known as hand crank chain block, hand pull chain block, manual hoist, chain hoist.

  • VN Chain Blocks

    chain blocks are highly efficient hand operated hoisting appliance, with slight design and beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, less weight, they can be used in limited small areas. For detailed chain block price and chain block operation, Please contact us directly. VN chain blocks adopt advanced plastic plating technology inside and outside

  • VE Chain Blocks

    Chain blocks feature the latest technology in new compact design which improve safety and efficiency, manual hand chain blocks manufactured from the highest quality steel which make them robust enough to resistant to impact damage. Manual chain block parts including humanized Quad cam pawl system, Hand wheel and hook that make them the perfect lifting tools using in different environment.

  • VJ Chain Blocks

    Chain Blocks are mechanism used to lift and lower loads by chain wound around the two wheels, item hung on the hook through rope or chain is lifted after pulling hand chain, sometimes chain bags or lifting slings attached to Chain Blocks are used to lift the load more evenly. Chain Block hoist frame is very strong for safety and chain block hoist trolley like geard trolley or plain trolley is available.

  • VK Chain Blocks

    Chain blocks manufactured from durable, high grade steel are pretty simple tools for lifting loads which are made up of lifting chains, lifting mechanism and hooks. The quality is similar to Jet chain block or Nitchi chain block but made in china is competitive than these hoists.

  • V1 Chain Blocks

    Chain blocks or handle chain blocks with toughest and most durable property lift loads by operating chain block handle for heavy duty use meets requirements of international standards, this hot chain block usually come along with clamps or trolleys to use, which it is easily to install and operated within temperature -40°C to +55°C.

  • Mini Chain Blocks

    Mini Chain blocks similar to mini lever hoists are cost effective rigging equipment used to lift or pull a load, which use gearing mechanism to convert hand chain’s cranking into a force capable of hoisting up. The top hook of mini chain pulley block can be connected to a push trolley, pull trolley or beam clamp and The bottom hook can be connected to shackles or webslings, every anchor chain block is fully tested.

  • HSL Chain Blocks

    Chain Blocks are hand operated tackles using endless chain by means of lifting wheel to hoist weight from overhead track, It is a Low profile chain block with versatile solution to a hoisting problem which used to hoist beams by steel erectors, roof trusses on building sites or engines in garages, Force produced through internal gear so people sometimes call it lifting gear chain block.

  • HBSQ Chain Blocks

    Chain Blocks are the kind of simple to use and easy to carry manual lifting machinery, which controlled only by pulling handlebar chain. They are explosion proof chain blocks or Non sparking chain blocks, As the small material handling equipment, spark proof HSBQ chain blocks are used to lift something in hazardous industries.

  • Chain Blocks With Geared Trolleys

    Chain Blocks With Geared Trolleys normally refer to ultra low headroom construction manually operated hoist minimizing beam-to-hook distance that use small force to lift, lower, and pull loads, Geared trolley chain blocks with looped hand chain connected to hand chain wheel or sprocket are brilliant for accurate load spotting done, geared chain block with strength steel construction is suited for confined space.

  • VL Lever Hoists

    VL Lever Hoists are kind of portable and versatile hand-operated loading and pulling appliance, which utilizes a ratchet and pawl mechanical configuration to incrementally raise or lower a load or to apply or release tension. VL lever hoists are same technology as VITAL lever hoist but with much cheaper price.

  • VA Lever Hoists

    VA Lever Hoists are kind of portable and versatile hand -operated loading and pulling appliance, light and small, multi-purpose manual lifting equipment. they have other names such as lever hoist ratchet chain lever hoists, VA lever hoists have exceptional advantages particularly for pulling in every limited narrow places.

  • VK Lever Hoists

    VK Lever Hoists are kind of universal, manual hoist for lifting, tensioning appliance in any direction, which use a gear and pawl mechanical configuration to lift or release tension. VK Lever Hoists feature compact design and robust, deep drawn and stamped steel construction. more details like lever hoist repair and lever hoist vs come along please email us.