Four Post Car Lifts

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Four post car lifts are simple and convenient valet parking equipment with hydraulic driven system and steel rope or chain in stable lift and lowering for home garage use. Because of this, customers have to clear the ground level to reach the higher level car down. This is one of the best four post car lifts in china market and Four Post Car Lifts for sale is in promotion now.


• Mobile and flexible with waterproof design and completely adaptable for different environment

• High strength and enhanced durability with commercial grade design and fashionable appearance

• Compact with small cubage and lightweight strong power and also have large capacity containing

• Smooth, convenient and easy to maintain, easy to install with ergonomic operation and low cost

• Reliable, stable, solid, efficient, productive, safe, flexible with high functionality and low fault rate

• Environmentally friendly with low noise pollution and customer-friendly with the good service

• Designed on the international standard, European and American stands with the CE certificate

• With high duty leaf chain-driven system manual operation, making the operation become easier

• Safe and accurate real time control with the hydraulic electric system, is more safe and secure

• Maintenance free but with strong and stable load bearing provides a long service for our products

• Reliable with machinery insurance and full process protection to protect them from possible dangers

• Operation available at each column with the remote control handle to fully meet customers’ needs

• Offering the highest levels of support and weight to make sure safety and security of our products

• Easy and fast to operate, park and retrieve with electric control, increase the effectiveness of works

• Certified as free standing without being bolted to the concrete on models which is flexible to use

Capacity                                                      2.7-5.5Ton
Lift height                                                   1.7-2m
Use                                                              Parking, residential garage parking
Drive Mode                                                 Hydraulic + Motor
Sling Type                                                   Chain
Operation                                                    Key switch, button, manual control
Power Supply                                             220v-700v, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase
Control Voltage                                          24v, 36v, 42v, 48v, 110v
H.S. Code                                                    84254290
Package                                                       Plywood case
Design                                                         Four Posts
Working noise                                            ≤ 75dB (A)
Working temperature                                -5°C~40°C
Working pressure                                      14Mpa
Relative humidity                                       80%
Using altitude                                             ≤1000M Electrical Parameter
Motor power                                               2.2Kw
Rated Oil Pressure                                    18Mpa
Color                                                           Blue, red, yellow or others meeting customers’ requiring


           Four post car lifts are simple  and convenient valet parking equipment with hydraulic driven system and steel rope or chain in stable lift and lowering for home garage use. Because of this, customers have to clear the ground level to reach the higher level car down. Four post car lifts combined with emission analyzer and automated brake tester  which are driven by hydraulic cylinder with cables running through the posts. They are operated by manual releases which are equipped with humanized design for easier and more convenient work. What’s more, their high strength cables can endure largest tensile strength and assure the lifts equipment more  safe and reliable. They make it convenient for residential garage lifts extremely valuable and increase the amount of cars they are able to fit into their garage. There are various accessories offering ranging from double parking space to special work to meet the customers’ needs and requiring.

           Four post car lifts are a kind of wheel-engaging type auto lift with runways to pack on. They don’t need anchors on the floor so that it is very adaptable. Because of no power beam, the risk of damage to doors and mirrors are greatly eliminated and accordingly, the safety and reliability are greatly improved.  What’s more, the best advantage of the lift equipment is that they save more space for car parking so that it creates more garage space. Due to those accessories such as overload protection, short line protection and self-locking protection during the lifting or lowering process, it efficiently decrease the risk the emergency and can make adjustments in time. Especially, there are a range of locking tabs on the posts to protect cars from accident damage. Therefore, the high-quality four posts car lifts are very suitable and reliable lift equipment for customer to choose. And the color of outlook can be required to meet the customers’ standard. Most importantly, they create low noise pollution so they are very environmental-friendly.

           Expect this standard one, we also can provide many different types of this products to our customers, such as single posts lifts, two posts car lifts launch, three level auto park system and six columns mobile lifts. The basic information of these different types is listed below our detailed description. You can learn about the individual advantages and disadvantages of them, and decide which type is the best one to meet your needs.

           Four post car lifts are widely applied in the home enthusiast markets, business buildings, hotels, home garages both indoors and outdoors and other industries such as in single or two platforms to make storing one car over the other come true. There is no doubt that four posts car lifts provide high-quality  additional equipment for a car enthusiast’s garage or those who have second and third cars to carry extra heavy loads. They are usually used for parking, simple repairing of tire, wheel, brake system, chassis and lifting small and medium-sized vehicles in garage, workshop, 4s shop, large repairing shop and other clients simple vehicle services and vehicle parking whether in families or commercial parking. They are commonly used as lifting vehicles to allow easy access for mechanical work to be parked underneath to create more garage space.

           They are also called four column car storage lifts, 4-posts lifts, four mobile column bus lifts, car workshop lift equipment, 4-wheel alignment equipment used 4 posts car lifts, 2 cars mobile 4 column hydraulic car lifts, attitude 4 posts car lifts, 4 column stack packing elevator, 4 posts alignment lifts with manual release, hydro-park, four-posts lifts, posts four column used car lifts, four posts cable driven alignment lifts, heavy capacity four posts hoist/elevator, wheel-engaging type auto lifts, car lift ground car lifts, heavy truck wheel lifts, motorcycle lifts, hydraulic tire lifts, low ceiling car lifts, trailer car lifts, tire lifts hydraulic car lifts, used car hoist, ruck wheel lifts, tire changing lifts, car mini lifts, four post car lifts for home garage, 4 post lift, 4 post hoist. It is brand new but not used four post car lifts, Please check below PDF file for dimensions, if you want more details like four post car lift parts and four post car lift installation, Please let us know.

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Detailed Description

1. Lift CablesHeavy-duty Aircraft Cable
         There are four heavy-duty, high-quality and galvanized lift steel cables with dependable design, each rating at 14,400 lbs and all lift cables are fully enclosed within the lifts structure itself.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-2.jpg

2. Single Hydraulic Cylinder
         The equipment which is mounted underneath the runway makes this lifts the more durable, with the maintenance-free lift system. Safety locks on all posts for added safety.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-3.jpg

3. Dual-hub Cable Sheaves
         They are designed by the professional workers, and have a full function of reducing stress and fatigue on the axles, sheaves and cables.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-4.jpg

4. Electric| Hydraulic  Power System
         They are incorporated maintenance-free electric hydraulic power systems with each lifts for ultimate dependability, and all controls are conveniently located within close reach.

5.Multi-level Locking  Positions
         They have adjustable height locking positions to deal with variable-height parking. Besides, one of the advantages of push-button pneumatic safety lock control is that it releases all four independent safety locks simultaneously.

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6. Large Base Plates
         They offer a solid foundation and 4 car stop plates are included to allow the assignments avoid accidents which increase safety.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-7.jpg

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-6.jpg

7. Second Lift Guide Rail|Trolley
           With second lift trolley, you can drive to anywhere of the rails.

8. Diamond Plate Runway and Ramps
         They are designed for easy use, and with diamond plate design our customers can get the vehicles onto this lifts more easily.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-8.jpg

9. Free Jack Tray | Drip Trays | Standard Oil Drip Tray
         They are designed for protecting the vehicle below from being contaminated and collecting leaks to prevent the car on the bottom from being dripped on. Jack tray is aimed at allowing a sissor jack or the bottom jack to be placed for lift the wheels free.

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10. Free Caster Kits
         They are designed for moving the lifts more easily and making the lifts portable to move to another way.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-11.jpg

11. Single Point Lock Release
         Thanks to this design, operators can disengage all four posts column locks simultaneously and work at an ergonomic height. The mechanical safety lock automatically engaged when rising or dropping.

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12. Power Unit
         Four post car lifts are equipped with the SL 12,000 FP you can get the 110V power unit, which can make the products become more effective.

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13.Control Box
         The control box can help our products to realize the remote control, and provide more convenience to our customers.

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14. Secondary Lift JackOptional Rolling Jack
         This equipment is used to lift the car at the second time, and it also can lift any height to meet the workers’ different requirements.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-15.jpg

15. Protect Device
         The high quality protect device increases the safety of our products, and also can prevent accidents from the load works.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-16.jpg

16. Rear Slip Plate | Rear Side Slip
         The rear slip plate is mounted on ring roller bearings, which can highly and well protects our four car post lifts.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-17.jpg

17. Safety Structure
         It adopts the hydraulic lock and the main insurance positioning structure to make our Four post car lifts become more safe and reliable.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-18.jpg

18. Rugged Construction
         It adopts solid piece column construction design.

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19. Inspection Mirrors
         It can monitor the process to make adjustments in time.

20. Overload Safety Valve/ Pipeline Explosion-proof Valve
         They are designed for sudden loss of pressure

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-20.jpg

21. Attractive Checker Plate Surface
         It can maximum protect our four car post lifts from corrosion, also providing them a longer service life and better operation.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-21.jpg

22. Recessed Wheel Play Detectors
         They are able to monitor the act of wheels and make adjustments in time.

23. Optional Turntables
           The optional turntables adopt heavy duty sliding turntable, which is completely suitable for wheel alignment.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-22.jpg

24. Safety Latches
           They offer full range mechanical safety protection.

25. Locking Down  Button
           It makes platform sit on locking tabs to increase safety and rest the cylinder for long lifespan.

           1.Basic Information
           Runway length 4610mm/ 5029mm for choice
           Width 3070mm/ 3780mm for choice
           It has been proofed by dynamic test with 125% of rated capacity and static test with 150% of rated capacity product Series
           2. Other Types
 A. Single posts lifts
           Single post lifts with manual release is especially for workshops with space problems. They have easy positioning, complete door opening on the driver's side and self-controlled lowering speed with mechanical safety latch and arm restraints. So it is very safe. This single column vehicle lifts are divided as movable model and stable model. Stable single column vehicle lifts is appropriate for relatively narrow and little site indoor while movable single column vehicle lifts is special useful for indoor and outdoor grounds

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Detailed Description
1.Relief valve
           It was designed to prevent overloading
2.Parachute valve
           This design is in avoid of hydraulic hose fracture.

B. 2 posts car lifts launch
           2 post car lifts launches are designed for light truck in 5 tons which is applicable for the lift of various large SUVs, business travel cars and other super wide and high special vehicles with total weight below 5.0t in garages or workshops. 2 posts car lifts launches are designed to handle all of vehicles lift applications. It is convenient because you can diagnose vehicle issues and make needed repairs without lying on their backs. Because of the overhead bar between the vertical columns baseplate two posts lifts design provides support to the top of both columns when the car is being raised or lowered.
         When the vehicles are being raised or lowered, a lot of pressure will be transmitted to anchor bolts which are located on the back of the vertical columns’ mounting plates. Then the overhead design will transmit some of the pressure from the weight of the lifted vehicle to the bar between the columns as the vehicle is being raised. Two-posts lifts are divided into two  types, including symmetric lifts and asymmetric lifts. One of the advantages that 2 posts car lifts are better than 4-postss car lifts is that they make tire changes easier. What’s more, thanks to single manual lowering device, it is safe and easy to operate. With double hydraulic cylinder and high strength chain, it is stable and smooth for lift and lowering.

                High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-24.jpg

Overhead 2 Posts Car Lifts    

             High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-25.jpg

Baseplate 2 Posts Car Lifts

Detailed Description
1.Three-section long arm
         The length is ranging from 950mm to 1800mm and the symmetric arm configurations make it easier to raise and lower. Besides, it also can fully meet the customers’ needs.

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2.The cable and oil pipe
         They are fully concealed with decent and elegant appearance.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-27.jpg

3.Wire rope equalization system
         The system forces synchronous movement of two carriages and effectively prevents vehicle form tilting.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-28.jpg

4.Control box
         It adopts 24V voltage to fully ensure operators safety.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-29.jpg

5.Cylinder travel limit switch
         The switch effectively protects cylinder and extends its lifespan.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-30.jpg

6.Door rubber pad
         It  protects car door from being damaged during collision and more lift pads with different height meets the requirements for light lorries and SUVs.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-31.jpg

7.Bend Pak
         It offers a complete range of durable two-posts lifts with lift capacities ranging  from 9,000 pounds to 18,000 pounds.

8.Self-locking system
         Arm-locking system provides a high degree of safety with self-release mechanism, and makes the works become more safe. 

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9.Cover plate
         It is located on the ground between the two columns which protects the equalization cables and hydraulic hose lines that go between the two columns. There is still a slight raised obstruction between the two columns that may be problematic while rolling a transmission jack or oil drain under the full length of the raised vehicle.

         It is located between the top of each column where the equalization cables and hydraulic hoses are routed. Cause the hose and equalization cables are routed through this top support bar, the concrete garage floor between the two columns is free from obstruction. So it adopts a flat garage floor to make it much easier to roll equipment between position under the raised vehicle and the columns.

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11. Overhead Lifts
         They are used with either symmetric arm configurations or asymmetric arm configurations or super symmetric arm configuration.

C. Pit three layer simple lift mechanical parking equipment | Three layer car parking system | Underground (pit) vertical  parking system | 3 level auto park system

Pit three layer simple lift mechanical parking equipment is divided into three designs including1+1, -2+1, or -3+1 pit design parking system. The whole equipment can be lifted up and down as one unity, then the car will be collected or parked when the car platform is in the same line with the ground level. Pit level parking system is well designed for independent parking system and to stack those cars individually in vertical position in order to park the multi-units together to achieve more parking numbers in less space. They are widely used in places such as open places between buildings and less green land living area with high lighting and ventilation. What the operator needs to do is to simply drive the vehicle on the runways, set the car in park, then place the wheel chocks in position and raise the vehicle. The vehicle is then lifted slightly so that the tires are off the ground and the operator jounces the front and rear of the car to make sure the vehicle is balanced properly. If the vehicle is not balanced, it needs to be lowered and repositioned to ensure stability.

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Detailed description
1. Layer | Vehicle platform
         Both the middle layer and bottom layer provide the function of rain and dust proof. They are fully enclosed design to prevent the lower vehicles from oil leakage, rain and snow.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-36.jpg

2. Stop button
         It aims at preventing emergency to increase safety.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-37.jpg

3. Self-locking protection devices
         When the lifts equipment is not in use or power off, it will be locked automatically.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-38.jpg

4. Anti-dropping device
         This device is equipped with our 3 level park systems, providing more safety and security to the load assignments.

High Quality Four Post Car Lift China Supplier1-39.jpg

D. Six Columns Mobile Lifts
         Six Columns Mobile Lifts are easy and smooth to operate without tripping hazard to operators. They have high adaptability so they can be operated anytime and anywhere. Thanks to its automatic stop, operation/emergency button and LCD screen, six columns mobile lifts has high safety and reliability, besides it can continuously monitor battery condition to avoid emergency and make adjustments in time. One of the superior advantages of the mobile lifts is that it has troubleshooting for any fault, synchronization system with multi languages.

High Quality Six Columns Mobile Lift China Supplier1-40.jpg

High Quality Six Columns Mobile Lift China Supplier1-41.jpg

High Quality Six Columns Mobile Lift China Supplier1-42.jpg

Detailed Description
1. Supporting Bracket | Lift Bracket
             It consists many parts, including protect cover, motor, posts, jack, fork and base for inside orientation.

2. Four posts
           They can lift both single work and together.

High Quality Six Columns Mobile Lift China Supplier1-43.jpg

Technical info

ExperiencedFour Post Car Lift OEM Service Supplier.jpg


Capacity     (T)
Liffting    Height    (mm)
Lifting Time        (s)
Lowering    Time       (s)
Overall    Height   (mm)
Overall    Width    (mm)
Overall    Length   (mm)
Runway Width     (mm)
Power  (Kw)
Weight  (Kg)
Post Height   (mm)
Cylinder Quantity
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