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Lifting towers or line array lift towers with two safety systems are top quality lifters designed for Line Array systems and as one kind of flexible lifting tower crank stand used for lifting speakers, par lights, truss beam and so on to get your lights, effects, speakers or video gear high above the crowd for optimum exposure, which can be assembled to meet customers’ own requirement and guarantee maximum reliability and resistance.


• Reduced size, light weight, quick installation, easy usage by person

• Adopt new design known for its unique craftsmanship and technicians for special request

• Compact design aimed to carry around, store and  transport conveniently

• Easily set up with no tools needed and loaded into vehicles manoeuvrably

• Automatic braking system in hand winch puts the load in place whenever handle is released

• Durable with aluminium material reported by SGS and definitely environment-friendly   

• Strong loading capability, heavy duty studio and stage light stand  

• With wheels that easy to move and equipped with 4 independent and adjustable legs

• 1 years warranty granted on our top-than-ever commitment to customer

• Favorable price with competitive advantage under the guarantee of quality

• Transport horizontally and vertically with 4 castors as a wide and stable base

• Suitable for indoor and outdoor performance or exhibition for industry, commerce etc.

• 24 hours live tech supported by Phone or E-mail and a lot of abour can be saved

• High quality for cooperation with supplier over 5 years and certification from TUV and CE

• ABS system will be safer, blocking the load and stopping it from falling

• Tested by professional welders and engineers for safety and security

Weight capacity                                    80kg
Height range                                         2m-6m
Material                                                  Iron, steel, aluminum alloy 6061/T6
Surface                                                  Textured black power coating
Color                                                      Black, yellow, blue, gold, silver or customized
Loading                                                  200kg-250kg
Certificate                                              TUV,  CE, ISO9001
Optional accessories                            Available
Factory inspection                                Available
Size                                                        100mm 220mm 290mm 300mm and more
Base open dimension                           2.1*2.1m
Base close dimension                          46*46cm
Application                                            Concert, wedding, exhibition, party, celebration
Type                                                        For truss, foldable design
Connection optional                             Spigot, screw, conical couple
Warranty                                                1 year
HS code                                                 7610900000


           Lifting towers with two safety systems are designed as one kind of flexible stand used for lifting speakers, par lights, truss beam and so on, which can be  assembled to meet customers’ own requirement and guarantee maximum reliability and  resistance. Lifting towers have the advantage of working for any kind of lifting task that has to be finished in a limited working area outdoor and  indoor owing to their easy and multiple position installation and great  flexibility, while other common towers cannot. Thanks to the 24 hours live tech supported by Phone or E-mail, lifting towers will be the crank stand system making life on the road even easier and provide the great performance in any situation.

           Lifting towers are equipped with 4 telescopic sections made of steel finished in a textured black power coating (Epoxy) special for outdoor use. These sturdy sections are raised by means of a 4mm non-rotating steel wire rope with independent galvanised steel core specially used for lifting heavy loads. Also, the compact base of 38 x 30cm with swivel castors makes the lifting tower be ideal complement for any kind of  lifting task which has to be finished in a limited working area for both indoor and outdoor use. What’s more, lifting towers have developed a wide range of trusses and a unique system to connect themselves. Spigot connection trusses designed to make them quite suitable for varieties of applications, from exhibition booths or a simple led screen truss to big stage truss structures prepared for high loading. And the hand operated flow fixtures are created for small and medium performance and design, for the 250KG net weight and can stand 60 kilograms, hanging lamp in 1.7-6.5 meters, the two meters wide, 8 a lamp, with security since lock function. Height can be customized according to customer requirements, which is convenient.

           Lifting towers for line array are made in different sizes, lengths and shapes, including corners, straight  lengths and curves. The big body can support a load of up to 260kg and has a maximum height of up to 2.1m. The outrigger is built sturdy to support the load and has a base span when fully extended of  2.1m. And lifting towers are usually supplied with 800 x 400 x 30mm rectangular loading platform. According to European  standard EN13814 and welding EN1090, we give you loading date, user manual and video of all designed and manufactured towers to teach you how to use these towers.

           They are also called Speaker lift truss stand, Heavy duty crank speaker truss lift stand, Display stand crank mount, Aluminum crank up stand, Elevator towers, Lighting stand, Stage truss tower, Telescopic lifting tower, Line array speaker lift, Truss girder, Screw truss system, Line array lift, Line Array Lift Towers, line array crank lift, mini line array tower, crank lifting tower stands, crank light stand, Crank Up Triangle Truss Light Stand System, Foot Crank Light Stand, Light Stage Stand Lighting, Lighting Crank Stand Tower Lifter, Aluminum Line Array Crank Speaker Stand, truss crank stand, High Truss Crank-up Lighting Stand, Lighting lifter and  Moving head light truss stand. This professional grade crank stand is built solid just like a tank and designed to support some heavy loads.

           Lifting towers are applied for hanging par lights,  speakers, truss beam and other equipments, which is popular in  advertisements, stage, concert, outdoor  celebrations, exhibition performances, flow shows and so on. Besides, They are used on business services, such as press conferences, new product  launches, the various types conferences for investment, order, awards, the annual meeting, customer appreciation or sightseeing exchanges. They are also idea lifting equipment for air conditioning installations, heating installations, ceiling installation, electric appliance installation, material handling, entertainment industry, carpentry, maintenance work and warehouses. The  significant difference between lifting towers and common towers is that a lot of time and labour can be saved, which is good for hard work. Also, with the  high speed and strong power, it makes the tough lifting towers ideal for tasks.

Detailed Description

1. Hand winch
           Hand winch has automatic braking  system and its auto-block system ensures the load remains in position whenever  the handle is released. Our winches which manufactured by the best quality companies with recognised prestige are resistant and durable. All of them are oversized for extra safety and a better pulling of the cable. Also, this hand operated flow fixtures are designed for small and medium flowing performance and design, for the 250KG net weight and can withstand weight for 60 kilograms, hanging lamp height is adjustable, the two meters wide, 8 a lamp, with security since lock function.

High Quality Lifting Tower China Supplier1-3.jpg

2.  ASB System | Zip safety system|Trigger safety system
           Lifting Towers are fitted with two ASB System which guarantees maximum reliability and resistance. ASB System’s full name is Automatic Safety Blocking System, which is also called Zip/Trigger safety system. And the system is equipped with holes, which means in the extreme case of cable breakage, the safety trigger would slide into one of these holes automatically, blocking the load and preventing displacement.

High Quality Lifting Tower China Supplier1-4.jpg

              High Quality Lifting Tower China Supplier1-5.jpg

3.  Base section | Reinforced base
           To support heavy loads and guarantee a perfect adjustment to the floor surface, compact bases with four legs (umbrella style) are fitted with rubber stoppers. The compact base of 420 x 420 mm (1’4.53″ x 1’4.53″), that offers corridor and single-door access is specially designed for easy transportation and storage. It features our exclusive direct drive, rack and pinion design in place of the traditional, problem prone, old cable system found today on traditional stands. The exclusive leg system found on allows this stand to be used on any solid surface with foot variance of -30° + 90° with unique fine adjustment. Its special design with no loose parts offers technicians an easy and fast lift set-up; no tools required. Besides, height can be customized according to customer requirements. This simple tripod  has advantages for low price, convenience for use and transport and it can meet  the height of the general requirements.

High Quality Lifting Tower China Supplier1-6-1.jpg

High Quality Lifting Tower China Supplier1-6-2.jpg

High Quality Lifting Tower China Supplier1-7.jpg

4. Three telescopic sections
           Three telescopic steel (S235 JRH, DIN EN 10219-1:2006)sections, which finished in a textured, black powder coating (Epoxy) that has special anti-scratch properties making up lifting towers. This feature, as well as the fact that all its components are made with rustproof material, makes the lift suitable for use  outdoors, guaranteeing maximum corrosion resistance. Therefore, for maximum stability, a reinforced ending leads to the last section.
           A Ø 4 mm (0.16″) non-rotating steel wire rope with an independent galvanized steel core results in these sturdy section in some ways. Composition: 19×7+0, is guided by self-lubricating pulleys with bearings, especially manufactured for lifting heavy loads (DIN 3069).
           These mast sections are blocked by means of safety bolts, which are an essential element while using this stand to block & unblock the mast sections at the desired height. All pulleys and the roller-cable guide have metal plates, which are protective and have two main functions. One is aim to prevent damage during the lift handling, and the other is to stop the wire from coming out of the pulleys.

High Quality Lifting Tower China Supplier1-8.jpg

5. Level
         Spirit level is used for correcting  vertical adjustment. The rectangular legs with chromed foot plates with non-slip injection moulded rubber pads. And the new location of the level will help you stabilize the tower more comfortably and accurately.

High Quality Lifting Tower China Supplier1-9.jpg

6.Pulleys and pulley-holders
           They are made of reinforced steel, which are used for saving time and a lot of labour.

High Quality Lifting Tower China Supplier1-10.jpg

7.Leg safety lock | Magnetic fastening bolts (neodymium)
           The  four folding stabiliser legs are less likely to be lost, because they have magnetic fastener bolts, and come complete with adjustable strengthening braces to correctly level the tower using the spirit level as a reference. New locking system allows anchoring the outriggers in a safe and easy way. This new  system will avoid being lost and guarantee a lifelong use without spare parts to some degree.            

High Quality Lifting Tower China Supplier1-12.jpg

High Quality Lifting Tower China Supplier1-13.jpg

8.Internal System
           The Internal System is designed to prevent wobbling of the tower.

High Quality Lifting Tower China Supplier1-14.jpg

9.Special non-rotating steel wire rope
           The rope is made up of steel cores, 3 times the strength required and the top section is fitted with a reinforcing ferrule.

High Quality Lifting Tower China Supplier1-15.jpg

1.Polyamide plates
           This raw material is more resistant than metal and it is wear-free. It resists temperatures between -50ºC and +50ºC.
2.Safety pins
           Safety pins avoid the load from falling. Besides, they allow selecting different  heights, raising all bars equally and distributing the load from the mast to the last bar, which extends the tower's lifetime and increases its stability.

High Quality Lifting Tower China Supplier1-16.jpg

           Thanks to the compact and lightweight, lifting towers are easy for handing, storage and transportation, and can fit in small vehicles for maximum manoeuvrability, which means one technician can transport and use the lifting towers with ease, increasing productivity, guaranteeing maximum safety and saving time to some extent.

High Quality Lifting Tower China Supplier1-17.jpg

           There is usually one-year warranty. Most of parts can be sold separately and we can provide some free part even if these parts are broken in expired warranty period.
           Load capacity :100kg----the max.high:3m
           Load capacity :150kg----the max.high:4m
           Load capacity :200kg----the max.high:6m
           Load capacity :250kg----the max.high:6.5m

High Quality Lifting Tower China Supplier1-19.jpg

           ①FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples  or company catologues, Door-to-Door.
           ②Usually by Sea for batch goods, for FCL; Port receiving
           ③Customers specifying freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods.
           ④Our alliance transport company which also can lower your cost, and we quote freight with the price list to you.
           ⑤Delivery Time: 3-7 days for samples; 7-15 days for batch goods 
           Air bubble film, woven bag or according to your request.
           8.Delivery Time
           5 or 7 working days after the order is confirmed
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Technical info

High Quality Lifting Tower made in china.jpg


Load Capacity
Adjustable Height           (m)
Base Open Dimension  (cm)
Base Close Dimension    (cm)
Cross Bar      (m)
Max Height (m)
Mini Height  (m)
Weight    (kg)
Aluminum alloys    6061
Silver or    customized
events,weddings,    advertising promotion
Aluminum 6082-T6
Black,blue,  gold  
lighting stands
for truss
par lighting stand
lift truss and    hang       lighting
heavy duty    studio,  stage light stand
lifting    speakers,par lights,truss beam

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