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Porch lifts are special vertical lift elevators which are designed for the disabled or the elderly to go up and down stairs more conveniently. Besides, they can transport or lift heavy things to a relative high level easily and conveniently. Porch lifts for wheelchairs are the most affordable and easy platformlifts to enable your independence and mobility at home which improve quality of life, Porch lifts for sale is also very competitive now.


• Easy, fast and convenient to install with silent operation and light weight, economic price

• Perfect stability and safety with novel, pretty, new design and beautiful appearance

• Environmental-friendly with low noise pollution and durable with strong battery back up

• Eliminate the risk of slipping on ramps with the safety device, emergency stop button

• With weather resistant designs, long lifespan provide customer long service life

• Designed with the idea that do it yourself, lifts are very convenient to operate for the aged

• Customer-made with CE approved which is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

• Equipped with flood-proof technology, lifts work in extreme weather and flood zones better

• Provides handy access for the elderly, children and disabled to move more freely and safely

• Be able to be directly installed into the ground without engineering supporting pits

• Offer emergency descending system avoid the power failure, safety automatic folding flap

• Steady and dependable with low maintenance, Separate electric & hydraulic control system

• Strong endurance of harsh temperature and weather because of high-quality technology 

• Custom cab configurations for occupants with special needs and weather proof controls

• An affordable alternative to residential elevators or wheelchair lifts with lateral entry/exit

• Guiding system adopts H steel in order to assure strength, rigidity and safety

• The antiskid platform can be lowered by rolling screw rod or opening hydraulic valve

• Equipped with plugs into a standard outlet for easy installation and operation

Capacity                                                       0.25-0.3Ton
Lifting height                                               1-8m
Lifting speed                                                60mm/s
Voltage                                                         110v 220v 240v 380v Optional
Installation                                                   Non-pit installation
Control device                                             Calling box and remote controller
Material                                                         Stainless steel or aluminum alloy with powder coating
Drive system                                                Hydraulic
Application                                                   Wheelchair lifts for disabled or elderly
Platform                                                        Anti-skid
Voltage                                                         220AC/DC
Power                                                           1.5Kw
Control device                                             Calling box and remote control
Control mode                                               2 post switch
Entrance                                                       90°/180°
Ramp                                                            Automatic / Stationary
HS code                                                        8428909090
Working Condition                                      Both indoors and outdoors       

Porch lifts are special vertical lift elevators which are designed for the disabled or the elderly to go up and down stairs more conveniently. Besides, they can transport or lift heavy things to a relative high level easily and conveniently. Porch lifts are fully powered device equipped with an open cab to raise a wheelchair, its occupants, walkers or other mobility aids during a limit travel to get from the outside of a home to the inside. Porch lifts are safe, economical and space effective ways to provide accessibility to those with impaired mobility and ideal alternative to installing a residential elevator.
             According to material, porch lifts are divided into spray type and Stainless Steel type. They consists a platform with high and solid side walls and an upper landing gate and complete safety device, which is driven by hydraulic or screw system to offer the smooth and comfortable transportation. With CE approved, they are customized products because they can be changed and required to meet the customers’ needs. Porch lifts offer safe, convenient and reliable access between different levels and support a wide selection of applications.
           Porch lifts elevator are made of high strength steel and other durable parts and accessories for long time use and their attractive styling and small foot-print make it the perfect option for those areas of limited space. One of the advantages of porch lifts is that you can control the wheelchair lift both on ground and platform. Thanks to the remote control, it is very convenient and easy to operate at 20m far away. Whether you have difficulty in using mobility scooter or stairs, porch lifts are great way to enable you to move safely and conveniently, they can also be used to solve the barrier of the old places. Porch lifts can be installed directly on the ground without pit and their dismountable structures make it possible to transport heavy things or people easily. What’s more, all the buttons are specially designed for the disabled people in appearances and shapes for easy use. Both they make it possible to travel the shortest distance between two levels inside or outside a home.
           The installations of porch lifts are normally lagged or bolted to a cement par and hard wired or plugged into the house wiring. When they are no longer needed or the users have to move and transfer it to a new location, these units can be usually uninstalled even though the permanent use is taken into consideration. Porch lifts can be divided into two drive styles, the one is screw drive which is basically a long and threaded rod mounted vertically inside the tower. And the second type is hydraulic system which there is a hydraulic ram located inside the tower to push or pull vertically on a bar.
           Most popular usage of porch lifts is for home lifting such as the small elevator in the cottage, economical and practical to help the handicapped or aged move freely from one floor to another floor within a multi-floored building. Residential wheelchair Porch lifts are widely used for the aged and disabled people to go up and down or transporting heavy objects to a relative high level at homes, in supermarkets, theatres, hotels, residential areas, administrative offices and buildings, churches, schools, commercial sites, museums, subways, banks, stadiums, hospitals or other public places, both indoor and outside are OK. They are also suitable for those areas where there is compact land resource and for large-sized built residential estates.

           They are also called electrical accessible hydraulic lifts, accessible vertical lifts, home porch lifts, deck lifts, vertical wheelchair platform lifts, commercial vertical platform lifts, hydraulic lifts for disabled people, lift for disabled people application, screw type accessible wheelchair lifts, high quality hydraulic power wheelchair access lift, vertical disabled access wheelchair lift, indoor or outdoor disabled stair access lift for the home, outdoor porch lifts, vertical porch lifts, hydraulic vertical lift stair elevator, porch lift vertical platform lift, disabled lifts and lift for disabled people applications.

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Detailed Description

1. Control panelcontrol box

It includes clear indication, power, emergency stop button, lock, up and down switch both on the bottom of the lift and the platform. And with the remote controller, it realizes the long distance control and convenient operation in using. With LOCK/ UP/ DOWN / STOP/Emergency Down buttons, users can operate lift easily. Users can press the stop button when there are any emergency and then the lifting and lowering process will be stopped immediately. Besides, when it is out of control, users can press the lock button to avoid emergency in time. Users can control the lift up and down on every floor.

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2.Post switch

It is helpful for your free operation because it can be fixed at different levels.

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3.Electrical Interlock

The design is aimed for stopping stop lifting up or down when door is not closed. 

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4.Manual Down

When power cut suddenly, pull out the switch to enable lift fall  down safely or stop the lift during the process of rising. Then users can manually make the platform come down to ground floor by manual down in case of power failure or potential danger.

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5.Safety sensor

There are safety sensors on the four corners and middle of the platform. The lift will be stopped at once to protect people under platform if the bottom touches any obstacles when lifting down.

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6.Landing gate

With control button and emergency stop button on it, landing gate protects the elderly and the disabled from falling into well while waiting for the lift. Besides, it prevents user from accidental fall.

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7.Automatic rampguardrail

Automatic ramp provides an easy exit and entry. After lifting  process, ram turns up automatically and goes up together with platform. When the platform offs the ground, it will fold up automatically to ensure the user’s  safety.

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It is on the enter side which functions to turn up automatically and prevents the wheelchair outside when the platform lifting up and its max degree of turning up is 75°. If  there are no doors, auto-flap will stop the wheelchair slip out and turn up after the lift rises.

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8.Safety Pan

Once the porch lifts meet obstacles, the actuation stair lift safety pan will make the lift stops immediately to avoid emergency in time.

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9.Bottom Fixed Legs

There are two actuation stair lift legs to make the platform steady which are fixed on ground directly by anchor bolts.

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10.Lock of the platform door

Electromagnetic lock makes the doors can't be opened during the progress of up and down. Interlock lock allows the machine could be operated only the doors are closed. Porch lifts stop lifting or down when door is closed.

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11.Non-slip checkered plate

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The users can hold the handrail on for safety when the lifting up and down or they are entering into the platform in order to protect themselves.

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13.Drive tower 

Drive tower includes pump station and hydraulic cylinder and the platform will go up by climbing the drive tower.

14.Separate electric & hydraulic control system

When doing maintenance work, operators do not need to open the porch lifts' body.


Ram is close related to the accessibility. With the unique pivoting control pads, it greatly reduces the force required to activate the lift.

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16.Anti-drop system

If the chain is broken during rising or descending, anti-drop system will lock immediately within 2s and guarantee walker’s safe.

17.Zero load start

The system makes it possible to ensure the normal operation even in the extreme hot or cold weather by reducing the stress on the drive system.

18.Line protection

With all lines put in different insulation-tube, line protection prevents the line and line winding, to decrease the joint or leakage danger.

Cabin type vertical platform lift
           Cabin type vertical platform lifts are full caged, solid, versatile, durable, rust-proof and rain-proof which are recommended for all enclosed applications. They provide a convenient access way to help the disabled, the elderly or individual to go upper leveler. Their Professional safety device design fully considers user's experience. The advantage of cabin type vertical platform lifts is that they offer one enclosure and safety space to users.

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Material optional
           Two choices including spraying plastic and stainless steel can be selected as appearance based on user’s preference.

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Spraying plastic

Stainless steel

Application optional

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Access optional

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Competitive Porch Lift China Supplier1-24.jpgExpert Supplier of Porch Lift from China 1-24.jpg

Through access(180°access)

Adjacent access(90°access)

           1. The unit can be controlled from either height since there are switches on the top of most units.
           2. Porch lifts must keep a hard smooth and level surface upon which the toe plate can be mounted which also must rest upon the concrete.
           3. The wall below the upper entrance/exit point of the elevator is called the travel wall, which should be vertical and smooth the entire distance without any protrusions
           4. The lift allows for an additional foot to two feet of pad on  side of the lift you enter to allow sufficient space for a wheelchair. In order  to handle the lift and its maximum rated load, the surface must be strong enough.
           5. Beneath the left there is also a safety device which will  automatically stop operations when touched to prevent the unit from crushing  pets, kids, or anything that may inadvertently find itself under the lift.
           6. When the lift is in the down position, much care are needed because there will be no protection on the porch or deck to prevent someone  from falling. The most common remedy for this potential safety issue is the placement of a self-closing gate.
           7. In addition, special slab are required to be poured upon which the unit will sit by some  building codes. So you need to check with your local codes department to determine the specific requirements for your area.
           Weather can affect the ability, for example snow can build up underneath and cause problems even though it is built for exterior use. To prevent this, the porch lifts should be left in the down position, especially in snow country.

Technical info

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Lifting height(m)
Platform size(mm)
Gross weight(Kg)
Net weight(kg)
Motor power(Kw)
Manual door
hydraulic or screw
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