Knuckle jib crane with knuckle boom jib for Canada (150kg, 6m jib bend in the middle, 3m lifting height)

Keyword:Knuckle jib crane   Time:2020-12-25 11:12:27

Customer: Now I need something else.
Do you make something like attached picture?
I need it to lift 150kg and reach 6 meters.

Knuckle jib crane with knuckle jib crane.jpg

RAMHOIST: we can make your attached, may i know the jib length pls, thanks

Customer:6 meters. To lift 150kg 

RAMHOIST: then what is the lifting height? 

Customer: 3 meters would be ok, I need it to bend in the middle like pictures… knuckle boom jib

RAMHOIST: 880 USD/unit, same as your first picture, with manual hoist, below is drawing.

Knuckle jib crane with knuckle boom jib (with manual hoist).jpg

Pillar:0.273*0.273*3.5 =0.261
Jib:0.22*0.1*3*2pcs =0.132
Manual hoist:0.4*0.4*0.30 =0.048   
So: 4 PKGS, 400KG, 0.441CBM

Customer: Can you please provide a quote including delivery to my factory?
RAMHOIST: 880 USD/unit (ex-w)
Inland cost+warehouse cost+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee+sea freight+Dlivery charge+dock charge=1600 USD
880 + 1600 = 2480
if you have forwarder, we can send to your forwarder too

Customer: Too much money, shipping from china too much 

RAMHOIST:yes, do you have agent in china that we can send to them. 

Customer: No. I only deal in north America so far. 

RAMHOIST: suggestion is you buy several pcs or come along with other items, we send to Toronto port by sea and you pick up there, for 1 pc or several pcs, both custom cost in china and canada are almost same, this is the most enconmic way and most customer handle like this