Powered Hoists
  • RM Electric Chain Hoists

    Electric Chain Hoists are new styles and small lifting equipment, which are ideals tool to lift heavy objects, load and unload, maintain equipment in warehouse, factory, logistics, building etc. the whole aluminum body and squirrel cage motor are produced according to high standard, electric chain hoist 1 ton and electric chain hoist 2 ton are most sold in china.

  • (N)RM Electric Chain Hoists

    Electric Chain Hoists are new type electric chain hoists which further builds upon previous RM series, To ensure safety, it adds overload clutch inside (built in friction clutch/safety clutch/ slip clutch/ overload limit) rather than Overload Protector outside the hoist (optional for RM series), We are electric chain hoists suppliers focus on electric hoists, Electric Chain Hoists

  • HHB Electric Chain Hoists

    Electric chain hoists are the new style and effective equipment for lifting, transmission, which can improve working condition and highly enhance labor efficiency. The unique overloading safety protection setting and electrical machine hot protection setting of electric chain hoists make sure of the higher reliability and safety. our HHB Electric chain hoists are cheap electric chain hoists and motor hoist.

  • CPT Electric Chain Hoists

    Electric chain hoists are made from strong alloy iron and processed by strict inspection adopt completely enclosed design and the entire mechanism for providing the most comfortable operation and performance. electric chain hoists for sale including CPT electric chain hoists, a frame hoist.

  • HHXG Electric Chain Hoists

    HHXG Electric Chain Hoists with thermal motor protection standard to prevent overheating and operated by a two-button up/down switch are designed for lifting the weight to facilitate work or repairing large machines, which has the hoist lift function. 2 ton electric chain hoists are sold very well.

  • DHK Electric Chain Hoists

    DHK electric chain hoists are a kind of new lifting equipment which adopt Germany advanced technique and add technological innovation and change structure. They keep the features of chain hoists’ light and convenience and improve the disadvantages of chain hoists such as manual operation and the slow lifting speed, dhk electric chain hoists manufacturers here are very strict to quality.

  • DHP electric chain hoists

    DHP electric chain hoists are new type lifting equipments with the advantages of light weight, small volume high hardness, low  wear and slow lifting speed, which are also small lifting equipments including the electric chain hoists and manual chain hoists. DHP electric chain hoists manufacturers here are very strict to quality.

  • DHS electric chain hoists

    DHS electric chain hoists are tools for simple portable electric lifting, which are quite suitable for many different places and occasions for installation of equipment, loading and unloading. They are new type of lifting equipment, which have the function of lifting the loads with the least force. DHS Electric Chain Hoists manufacturers here has a long history for producing

  • EX Type Electric Chain Hoists

    Explosion-proof Electric Chain Hoists (anti-explosion electric chain hoists) are kind of new style and small lifting equipment, which are ideal tools to lift heavy objects, load and unload, maintain equipment. This kind of EX type electric chain hoists are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the guidelines for explosion-proof plant-use electric equipment and facilities.

  • Single Phase Electric Chain Hoists

    Single phase electric chain hoists, with compact and tough shape, made of high aluminum alloy shell or iron shell, which is light but hard. Our single phase electric chain hoists adopt three-phase induction or single phase induction motors, Single phase electric chain hoists are simpler compare to three phase electric chain hoists.

  • Trolleys

    Trolleys are a kind of tools instead of hooks for hanging and moving the electric chain hoists and lifting loads and heavy cargos, which can be divided into three types including plain trolleys, electric trolleys and geared trolleys, all belong to I beam trolleys and are easy to install and transport.

  • EU Electric Wire Rope Hoists

    EU Electric Wire Rope Hoists, designed of frequency speed control and lower shock making it realize precision positioning easily, have experienced advanced professional technology and strict treatment to realize the perfect hoisting with the most elegant appearance. european electric wire rope hoists for sale is in promotion.

  • CD1/MD1 Electric Wire Rope Hoists

    Electric Wire Rope Hoists are specific type of electrically powered hoists which use wire ropes as opposed to the usual steel chain used on standard electric hoists, which are designed for heavy duty lifting applications. CD1/MD1 Electric Wire Rope Hoists mean CD1 Electric Wire Rope Hoists for single speed and MD1 Electric Wire Rope Hoists for dual speed.

  • New CD1/MD1 Electric Wire Rope Hoists

    New CD1/MD1 Electric Wire Rope Hoists are light and small-sized lifting equipment satisfying the needs of lifting heavier cargoes, which are updated by traditional CD/MD series and keep the traditional advantage of low price and high performance, the appearance is somewhat the same but reliability and quality are improved a lot, As one of china electric wire rope hoists suppliers, we always supply high quality products.

  • HC/HM Electric Wire Rope Hoists

    HC/HM Electric Wire Rope Hoists are light and small-sized lifting equipments, hoists to satisfy the needs of lifting heavier cargoes with more reasonable and tight structure and its assembly is more convenient, and its property is more superior. the difference for hc electric wire rope hoists and hm electric wire rope hoists is their capacity.

  • JP Electric Wire Rope Hoists

    JP electric wire Rope Hoists, as orthodox type of hoists, boasting high performance for use in rugged jobs, highly processed by automatic CNC equipment and inspected carefully by inspector engineers. Electric wire rope hoists with motorized trolley or without motorized trolley is both available, and they are also called hitachi electric wire rope hoists.

  • Mini Electric Wire rope Hoists

    Mini Electric Wire rope Hoists, super mini electric hoists, are the kind of efficient and versatile lifting tools, which are light and small crane machinery and can be fixed on single or double girder bridge crane and portal crane. they are also called electric cable hoist, now mini electric wire rope hoists for sale is in processing.

  • Air Chain Hoists

    Air chain hoists with overload protection systems are designed as one kind of flexible hoisting equipments mainly used for heavy industries, which aimed at coping with a variety of difficulties for you, eliminating complicated major maintenance work. they are also called compressed air chain hoists and pneumatic air chain hoists.

  • Air Balancers

    Air balancers are practical application of the pneumatic control technology principle. The air actuated balancer is able to work smoothly and the speed is stable when the load changes. As one of professional air balancers manufacturers, our Air balancers or air balancers hoist is in high quality and low price.