Looking for Crane Geared Motor 3 phase, Gear ratio 7:1, 3 Kw used for End Carriage in our 5Mt Hoist from India

Keyword:Crane Geared Motor 3 phase   Time:2021-5-5 13:32:00

Customer: We are looking for Crane Geared Motor 3 phase, Gear ratio 7:1, 3 Kw. This will be used for End Carriage in our 5Mt Hoist.
Can you suggest something suitable.

RAMHOSIT: yes, we have, may i know the quantity you need? 

Customer: 2 nos, Can you send your offer?

RAMHOSIT: May i know the module and teeth? do you replace your old one or install the new one, pls send your model of existing one if you replace your old one, thanks

pls send the nameplate of reducer (geared box) you used now

Customer: There is no name plate on the Reduser (gearbox).

RAMHOSIT: we can not confirm without knowing the details of reducer, thanks

We had this hoist manufactured by Kone Crane but as the maintenance cost of the motor and drive is very high hence we have decided to replace the same. Please find attached few snaps of the Gear and Motor which was installed. We need your suggestion on what can replace your with manufactured gear and Motor. 
The Hoist capacity is 5MT.

Gear and Motor3.jpgGear and Motor4.jpg

5 T EOT GA Drawing.pdf

5T Crane Wheel Load Data.pdf

5T EOT Tech.Spec..pdf



Customer: I can give you the ratio which is 7:1

RAMHOSIT: i found the motor power in your motor is 0.55KW, but you told me 3KW

Customer: My mistake

RAMHOSIT: pls check whether attached parameter is ok for you?


Customer: What is the RPM of Motor and the Gear Ratio. Secondly if we require in 1KW, same thing will it be available.
What is the Dia of Output shaft and nos of teeth?
Attachment parameters are perfect.
We need few more informations from you  
- Do we require Drive to operate this Motor if yes what kind and can you suggest one.
- Secondly the output shaft Dia with Nos of Teeth.
- Price 

RAMHOIST: After discussion with our engineer, he said we can not use this geared motor since installation size is different with Kone, you can not install our motor to your end carriage, thanks

Customer: We are aware that the size of Kone will be different. We will modify the installation as per available gear and motor. We need to change the assembly of Kone crane it requires huge maintenance and the cost equally very high.
It is not necessary that you have to provide the similar gear and motor infact we can install any gear and motor having similar specification.
Kindly dont worry about the installation part.

RAMHOIST: our engineer said the gear is different, even you bought from us and modify to install, that still can not work.
thanks and sorry.