STC200275 - Enquiry for Davit Crane from Oman

Keyword:1000 Kgs Davit Crane   Time:2021-5-9 16:34:46

Customer: Dear Sir/Madam,


Please quote us for Davit Crane


  • Mobile type

  • Capacity : 2000 Kgs

  • Qty : 1 no.


Base : 2 nos.

RAMHOIST: the max. capacity for normal davit crane is 1T.
may i know where you use and we will suggest, thanks

Customer: We need 1,000 KGS

Please quote us for Davit Crane


  • Mobile type

  • Capacity : 1000 Kgs

  • Qty : 1 no.

RAMHOIST: 1T mini truck crane, only a truck crane, EXW PRICE: 15$/PCS, a complete set, EXW PRICE: 365$/PCS

May i know if you have received below offer? thanks

Customer: Yes but we need also drawings. Please send.

RAMHOIST: pls check the details on this link:

Customer: Thanks for your Offer :


  • Can you please send us technical catalogue?

  • Is it a mobile crane?

  • What will be final price?

RAMHOIST: pls check the technical details in our website:
it is fix type, however we have mobile crane, pls check:
pls confirm you need fix or mobile crane, and the quantity, then we will offer accordingly, thanks

Customer: We are looking for ‘Davit’ mobile crane.

In which 1 no. Crane will be mobile and we need 2 nos. fixed base.

So as per our usage we can shift crane from one base to another.

Working load capacity : 500 or 600 Kgs

RAMHOIST: do you have agent in china to send or can you add the quantity? since there is abnormal freight and custom cost for this quantity, thanks

Customer: We do not have agent in China.

Please let us know freight and custom cost

‘Davit’ mobile crane: 85 USD/unit
‘Davit’ fixed base: 280 USD/unit
Inland cost+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee+freight cost to Sohar Oman = 150 USD

Customer: Can you please send us photo of crane offered?

Davit crane.jpg