Mini Construction Cranes delivered to France

Keyword:Mini Construction Cranes   Time:2022-3-13 9:54:11

咨询产品:  Mini Construction Cranes
客户姓名:  blache
手机号码:  066029****
客户邮箱:  c***@l***.fr
客户留言:  Hello, do you deliver to France? Cordially

RAMHOIST: Yes, we can delivery to France sea port.

May i know what's the max. height you lift and what's the max. weight you lift in this height? thanks

you can check the similar we just delivered to Australia:

Mini Construction Cranes delivered to France.jpg

Customer: Good morning,
I don't sell to buy the crane in China the transport costs more customs clearance are too high for a single CRANE.

Thank you for priced the time.

RAMHOIST: Yes, correct

only bulk order with large quantity worth buying