dhp electric chain hoist 10 tons

Keyword:dhp electric chain hoist 10 tons   Time:2023-11-21 14:23:02

Customer: I want to buy an electric hoist chain that is 10 tons as many as 32 pieces

RAMHOIST: Pls confirm the 32 pieces are worked in the same group, mean group lifting----all the hoists are lifted up and down at the same time with the same speed, all of them are control by one electric cabient, or they are divided into several group lifting, it is up to your size of lifting goods. or even every hoist is controlled by pendant, all this lead price difference.

similar case pls check: http://www.ramhoist.com/Electric-Chain-Hoists/1799.html

Customer: For grub work in tanki farm ,16 pcs /tank for 140 ton for load maximal 140 ton.Is it Is it strong enough for that? Or is there a 12ton chain hoists?

群吊10T DHP葫芦用于农场上的罐子, 16台/罐用于提升最大140吨,这个提升力够么? 或者有12T 群吊葫芦么?