Wholesale 1t*3m 220V 3p 50Hz Dhp Type Small Electric Motor Chain Crane Hoist Home Lifting Tools

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DHP chain electric hoist not only retains the characteristics of light and convenient hand-pull hoist, but also improves the manual operation of hand-pull hoist, slow lifting speed, etc., which integrates the advantages of electric hoist and hand-pull hoist. It uses disc brake motor operation, planetary reducer reduction, is a necessary lifting equipment for installation and for large oil tank welding.


DHP electric chain hoists are mainly used for loading and unloading materials with low speed and small stroke, equipment installation, mining, engineering construction, etc. It is also applicable to the overall lifting of external wall scaffolding, group lifting of oil tank and other occasions requiring group lifting.

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DHP chain electric hoist features:

1, Low speed and balanced, accurate to the designated position.

2, Compact structure, small size, light weight, high strength parts.

3, Small size and good durability.

4, Brake safe and reliable, easy maintenance.

5. Simple installation and flexible operation control.

Detailed description

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DHP chain electric hoist is a kind of light small lifting tool, the reducer is made of high quality alloy steel, low noise, long work life, smooth operation, less maintenance.

Disc brake motor with brake device, brake promptly and accurately.

DHP chain electric hoist has the advantages of low lifting speed, good stability, strong lifting power etc. It can work single or use in combination. It is widely used in scaffolding ascension of high-rise building operations, large weight lifting, large oil tank making and welding, group hoisting, occasions requiring lifting etc. We have sold it to many countries and regions all over the world.