European Model Single Girder Electric Wire Rope Hoist

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Advantages of Single Girder Electric Wire Rope Hoist
  Special compact type low clearance configuration
 Modularized structural design enables the optimization of force distribution, the promotion of material quality, the decrease of main structure geometric size, the reduction of auxiliary mechanism more compactness of entire equipment, the minimization of maximum dead zone, the reduction of whole machine weight. Therefore the total height of workshop is 1 meter lower and expense is further saved owing to further downsize building structure, basic cost, relative auxiliary mechanism system such as heating system, ventilation etc. is further reduced.
 Implement Strictly in Accordance with the Requirement of Standard
 The Electric Wire Rope Hoist design and manufacturing is carried out in strict accordance with all kinds of international and special local standard, thus application of product in market can win a broader range of accreditation, and provides superior standard of quality service for more customer so as to win trust and support from customer.
 Double Speed, Frequency Conversion Control
 The application of double speed and frequency conversion in lifting and operation control system makes the speed of movement closely confirm to the command of operator. The transfer between fast and slow speed enables the realization of speediness and exactness. The fast and exact positioning greatly promotes the security of process for customers and realized the smooth and high efficient work, therefore, further greatly upraises performance and efficiency of product. 

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Detailed description of Single Girder Electric Wire Rope Hoist
 *Hook Block
 Forge High-strength alloy steel hook with safety card as the standard configuration by special mold and adopts high-strength special slippery rope to reduce the damage to wire rope and lighten the self-weight.
 *Wire Rope
 Adopt high-strength wire rope with zinc surfacing-plating, high breaking force and good flexibility (2160N/mm²).
 Customized processing of high Quality steel drum is used for prolonging the life of wire rope.

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 *Rope Guide
 Use special high-strength Nylon which can effectively avoid the wear of steel wire rope and prolong the service life of steel wire rope, and with characteristics of high reliability and easy maintenance.

 *Wheel Block
 The wheel block adopts module design for the convenient maintenance and change, and the wheel and loaded shaft adopt high quality alloy steel to forge, process and heat-treat bearings with high service life and reliability.

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*Body Structure
 Adopt mould stamping or bending steel plate to reduce the use of welding parts and increase the service life and quality of the structure bearing parts.
 *Hoisting Gear Motor three-in-one, Import from Germany originally
 Three-in-one system integrated by pole-changing professional hoisting motor, brake with electromagnetic disk type and reducer with high rotating-speed and hard tooth surface ensure silence and the best safety grade of the hoisting mechanism.
 *Travelling three-in-one
 International Brand three-in-one system integrated by frequency-conversion running professional motor, brake with electromagnetic disk type and reducer with hard tooth surface ensure silence and the best positioning accuracy of running mechanism.
 *Quick Electrical Connector
 Quick electrical connector achieves Quick, correct, safety and reliable assembly on the site

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*Bat-handle switch
 The range of the remote especially cranes refers to 100m in radius, which provides strong anti signal disturbance capacity. Theoretically, 2,000 remotes can be operated within the same range at the same time.
 *Inverter (VFD Controller)
 The inverter is professionally designed by changing its motor to frequency-conversion motor to achieve safe and stable lifting of goods.
 *Electric Control Gear
 Single Girder Electric Wire Rope Hoist adopts Schneider and Phoenix electrical components with reasonable wiring, convenient maintenance, multiple control protection and safe operation.

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 *Worm Adjusting Limit Switch
 Adopt customized imported four-level limiting stopper to achieve function of slow speed first and then brake of two dimension running to ensure safety and reliable operation
 *Overload Limiter
 Customized overload limiter with high sensitivity can output load or have overloading limit upon customer's requirements.