3 tons stainless floor balance scale

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Specification of Floor Scales
 1.Pan size: 1.0*1.0m, 1.2*1.2m, 1.5*1.5m, etc.
 2.Capacity: 1 / 2 / 3 tons
 3.Readability / Accuracy : 20g/50g/100g
 4.Stable Speed: in 2~3s
 5.Linearity: +/-2d at max capacity
 6.Repeatability: +/-2d
 7.Tare Range: 0-max
 8.Load cell Dimension: 150×40×35 mm
 9.Material Breakdown: ABS (Indicator), MILD  STEEL(Plate), ALUMINIUM SENSOR(load cell)
 10.Power AC/DC
 11.Units: kg, g, oz, lb etc.
 12.More functions: counting, last remember, %, full range tare, over-load protection, zero tracking, low-battery indicator,animal weighing function etc.

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Product Details

1.Heavy duty weighing capacity

3 tons capacity is our standard, 5 tons capacity can also be customized.

2.Accurate weighing

Fully compliant with the requirements of the weighing authority's laboratory.

3.Multi-load cells

With high-precision sensor and four-corner induction is more stable.

4.Reinforce the scale body

 Strengthen the scale body beam to improve the  service life of the scale body.

5.Protective scale feet

Load cells protection is more durable.

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 Q: Can we send Floor scale sample for reference?
 A: We are glad to send Floor scale samples from china for your inspection. Standard samples can be charge, and you may need to pay the express fees.

Q:What is your terms of payment?
 A:Usually,we accept T/T, you can pay 50% when you order, then pay the rest 50% when the order be finished.
 Q. Can you produce according to the samples or drawings?
 A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.

Q.Do you test all your scales before delivery?
 A: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery. We have QC team comply with TQM, each step is in compliance to the standards.

 Different types of Floor Scales

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The view of our workshop

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