1000 Ton Hydraulic Jack Single Acting High Tonnage Hydraulic Cylinder

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Product Introduction
YDC series jacks are advanced devices based on their former structures of YDC, redesigned with high-strength steel, advanced structures, sealing function, optimization technology. This new type features tight structure, lightened weight, short axial length, stands saving by short reserved length in prestressing strand anchorage. The results of test shows its perfect performance, durability, flexibility of lifting, convenience of using and preparing. It can be used in pre-tensioning and post-tensioning. With different attachments, respectively tensioning XYLM, QYM clip group anchor, DM, LZM anchorage, etc.

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 1.Simple to operate

 YDC-type though-type jack is mainly used for group anchoring the overall tension.

 2.Reliable performance.

 Jack with the main prestressed anchor and tentioning equipment.

 3.The largest saving strand.

 Products used in the construction of bridge and other projects.

 4.Copper-plated pistons.

 We are committed to providing costomers with high quality products.


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1.Piercing sets

 Advanced technology no deformation, no bending more wearable

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2.Copper piston

 Piston copper, the use of advanced technology to protect the cylinder

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Although copper is a high-cost material, it has the advantage of being more wear resistant. For this reason, we have chosen to use copper in the fabrication of our hydraulic prestressing jacks. This has allowed us to manufacture the highest quality machine for our customers, while selling our product at very competitive prices.


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 After Customer got this machine, there will have Professional Engineer to help you solve the Problem. Because of long distance, we will:

 First: communicate with you Use social application, help you find the Problem, and try to help Solve it. If it is the hydraulic parts broken, we will courier one as soon as possible.

 Second: If the intelligent (Smart) machine has something goes wrong, we will try to the first step, if still can'twork. we will send our engineer to fix it as soon as possible.