CE and ISO9001 approved 25 ton rail hydraulic toe jack

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Product Description of Hydraulic toe jack

 1. Four different models from 5 Ton to 50 Ton.

 2. Low height lifting toe.

 3. Big and flat base provides extra stability.

On certain occasions when a heavy machine or load needs to be moved, there is very little ground clearance for machine moving skates to be placed under the machine. In such cases, you would need to lift a corner of side of the machine to lift it sufficiently to accommodate an air skate. The perfect solution would be to use hydraulic toe jacks.

Hydraulic toe jacks are designed to lift heavy machinery and other similar type loads when there is a fair amount of ground clearance. With toe-like feet, they slide under the edge of the machine to ensure stability. The lift plate is then positioned at the underside of the machine, which is then lifted clear to allow machinery moving skates to engage the load. Operated with a pump handle, lifting a heavy machine is a breeze.

Here are the technical specifications of the toe jacks we produce.

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Main Features of Hydraulic toe jack

1. Claw portion is integrally molded, durable.

2. Carrying handle is portable.

3. Hydraulic cylinder and shaft is wear resistant, corrosion resistant, high sealing to increase its service life.

4. Active spring automatically retract quickly.

5. High quality, safe and convenient.

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Do you make customer's auto ac parts?
You can send the pictures/photos and drawings of the jacks you need by email, we will check if we have them.

Can I buy 1 piece of each item to test the quality?
Yes, we are pleased to send you 1 piece to test the quality if we have stock for the item you need.

How to order and make payment?
We will send proforma invoice to you and you can pay via T/T bank transfer, L/C, WESTION UNION, ESCROW, PAYPAL and aliexpress ETC.

What is your Minimum order Quantity?
Different products have different MOQ, but we can sell you even one piece if we have stock of the model you need.