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Product Description of Hydraulic toe jack

1.) They are widely used in machinery and equipment, bridge construction, railway tracks and other aspects of installation and maintenance; transport loading and unloading heavy objects; automobile and tractor repairs, etc.

2.) These jacks are made through the same process as the imported ones. They are made of high-quality, welded steel, heat treatment. They are of stable and excellent quality. Safe and reliable for use. They have the advantage of dual-use from the top, easy to operate in low position. They are of versatile lifting tools.

3.) With 180-degree rotation design, this series of jacks are of easy handling and may adjust angles according to different demands.

Features of Hydraulic toe jack

1. Carbon steel base with automatic welding makes stable quality.

2. Hydraulic bottle jack with stable quality, 100 degree high temperature test, static electricity painting for perfect look.

3. A full range of capacity from 5 to 50 ton.

4. Chrome plated plunger with self-return resist corrosion and extends life.

5. For heavy equipment lifting or check level with minimum available access.

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1. Hydraulic toe jacks are designed to lift heavy machinery and other similar type loads when there is a fair amount of ground clearance.

2. With toe-like feet, they slide under the edge of the machine to ensure stability.

3. The lift plate is then positioned at the underside of the machine, which is then lifted clear to allow machinery moving skates to engage the load.

Super Abilities:
By adopting carefully selected components and perfect and perfect manufacturing technology, we can show the outstanding product quality to customers so that users can operate our products easier, it takes you perfect security in different work conditions.

Outstanding Service:
We can provide not only amazing Hydraulic jacks, but also special ones designed at requests. We'll do our best to meet the need of customers.