CRA Type Carrying Roller Cargo Trolley Moving Skates

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   Product  Description
 Cargo trolley is an alternative to traditional with rollarounds handling equipment for handling tools. It’s applicable to goods moving and rotating. This product uses the high quality low carbon alloy steel manufacturing. When transporting large equipment, journey far away, and the lever or claw jack, used for the movement of heavy goods, can save a lot of manpower and time. When making some heavy equipment installed in place can replace gantry.

 Product Details

  1. Shifting skates can be used wherever heavy objects have to be moved.

  2. The load can be lifted using either the roller crowbar or a jack, allowing the skates to be easily positioned.

  3. The large diameter sealed nylon rollers ensure ease of movement and spread the load, protecting high quality floors from damage caused by highpoint loads and oil/grease contamination. 

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   Quality Control
 Step1: Inspecting project prior to starting and advising supervisor of deficiencies
 Step2: Examining material and rejecting batches not meeting quality standards
 Step3: Confirming safety procedures are being followed
 Step4: Issuing completion when final project meets our quality standards

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Product display  

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Different types of wheels can be customized

Cargo trolley 2-12.jpg

Compression-resistant PU wheel

having a certain shock absorption effect

Cargo trolley 2-13.jpg

Shatterproof polyurethane wheel

wear resistance, chemical resistance

Cargo trolley 2-14.jpg

Weighted alloy steel wheel

having long service life

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Packing pics of the cargo trolley

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