200kg double mast lightweight hydraulic electric mobile aluminum alloy panel ladder telescopic man lift

Keyword:Double column aluminum alloy lift platform   Time:2019-5-3 16:53:11

 The whole work platform is light because the lifting masts are made of alloy aluminum. There are stand bars connected to the four corners of the chassis support the lift platform during it working. The stand bars are installed in the turning legs. Extending out the turning legs before operating the unit enlarges the area of supporting. Therefore, the steadiness of the whole platform is guaranteed.

 Safety protection:

 1.Explosion-proof valves: protect hydraulic pipe, and hydraulic pipe rupture

 2.Spillover valve: it can prevent high pressure when the machine moves up, adjust the pressure

 3.Emergency decline valve: it can go down when you meet an emergency

 4.Phase lack & phase dislocation protection.

Main character of aluminum ladder

 1.Most rigid aluminum alloy profile

 2.Auxiliary platform lowering

 3.Multiple-guide pulley on mast

 4.Durable base system

 5.Chassis with level gauge

 6.DC working power on the platform

 7.Easily rolls through a narrow space

 8.Emergency stop button

 9.Over-load protection

 10.Built-in pressure release valve

 11.Dual activated up/down switch

 12.Locking Key Switch

 13.Optional extended platform

 14.Entry ladder

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