Keyword:SDR21 IRRIGATION   Time:2021-5-12 10:14:37

Materials BOQ

Hi Young, please find in the attachment what am looking for, will wait to hear from you sooner, 
Mathews Gondwe 

Materials BOQ _Dwambazi (May 2019).xlsx

RAMHOIST: Below is offer, it is based on SDR21,  PN8

Materials BOQ _Dwambazi (May 2019)-by ramhoist.xlsx

Customer: Hi, so you dont have everything am looking? 

How about the other items? I woll be wating to hear from you?
Thanks for your quick response.
Mathews Gondwe 

RAMHOIST: we only produce pe pipes but not fittings, thanks

Customer: Noted Yang, thanks 

Hi Yang, Long time here from. The tender legading to this enquiry was not successful, hence we did not proceed further with the older. But I will keep in touch with you in future once we have an opening regarding your products.