Looking for 500 kgs lift capacity Electric Hoist (Electric Mini Wire Winch) from India

Keyword:500 kgs lift capacity Electric Hoist   Time:2021-5-5 11:09:19

Customer: Dear Mr. Yang,

We are looking for Electric Hoist of the following specification

1) Lift capacity 0 to 500 kg
2) Lift Height 0 to 5 m
3) Single rope
4) Single phase power
5) Operated by remote preferably

Please send your lowest quote along with lead time to supply

RAMHOIST: i assume you mean below.
250kg: 300 US $/unit
if not, pls inform, thanks

Electric Mini Wire Winches made in china.jpg

Customer: I was looking for 500 kgs lift capacity.  Please also mention the self weight of the hoist

RAMHOIST: 500kg: 350 US $/unit,23KG
(besides, i am interested in where you find me? from made-in-china or google or others)

Customer: Its Expensive, saw it in Google.

RAMHOIST: we can give your 260 USD if quantity is large, hope to cooperate with you, thanks