Request for Quote for MW3000 Manual Winch from USA

Keyword:MW3000 Manual Winch   Time:2021-5-5 12:40:12



I’m working on a design project were I need to tip a pivot assembly ~15 degrees using a manual hand crank hoist. The max cable tension that I’ve calculated will be 4,400 lbs so I’m looking for an assembly which will have 5,000 lbs of capacity. I found the MW3000 winch in your catalog and I think it might be a good option for the job. If you sell lift cable as well, I will need ~15’ of cable length and I would like a hook or loop at the end of the cable which I can attach to my pivot assembly using a lifting shackle or similar (again rated for 5,000lbs of tension). If you think that the MW3000 will work for my application, please provide me a quote with lead time as soon as possible. Additionally, if you have models or drawings you can provide please do. Feel free to call me to discuss further if necessary.




RAMHOIST: MW3000 winch with + 15’ of cable (4.5m*12.5mm) + hook = 300 USD

you can check site photos in below links: