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At this time we would like to send you an enquiry of Auxiliary Windlass.

Kindly quote us with ex-work term as follow:


Existing data

Type KPG 15/500/300

Rope Speed 0,214 upe to 0,297 m/s (Steel Wire Rope 16mm, Warington Seale, 6x36+IWRRC-Z/S (left hand lay), Length 120m)

Drum capacity 300 m                      

Installed Power 15kW

Qty 1 complete set (Siemens Motor + Brake + Coupling + Worm Gear/reducer + Winch+rope+base frame)

型号 KPG 15/500/300

绳速0,214 ---0,297 米/秒(钢丝绳16mm,Warington Seale,6x36+IWRRC-Z/s(左手铺放),长度120m)

滚筒容量300 m


数学 1套,全套(西门子电机 +刹车 +联轴器 +涡轮/减速器 +绞盘 +绳索 +底座)

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