Inquiry about Vital Series Hand Operated Chain Pulley Block from South Africa

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Message SubjectInquiry about Mechanical Vital Series Hand Operated Chain Pulley Block for Lifting
Message ContentHi, we want to purchase this product Mechanical Vital Series Hand Operated Chain Pulley Block for Lifting, please send me a quote for 12 x 5 ton hand operated chain blocks. Please quote delivery included Durban Harbour South Africa.

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Mechanical Vital Series Hand Operated Chain Pulley Block for Lifting
Mechanical Vital Series Hand Operated Chain Pulley Block for Lifting

RAMHOIST: 90 USD/unit (CFR durban)

RAMHOIST: How are you?

Customer: I am very well thanks.

Can you please send me a revised quote for 16 X 5 ton chain blocks. CIF Durban harbour South Africa.

RAMHOIST: 105 USD/unit (CIF durban)

Customer: I need a price for a double chain hoist with 3m lifting height. Is this what you quoted or did you quote the single chain?

RAMHOIST: I confirm it is double chain falls.

Customer: Please send me a formal quote I need to give it to my importers to verify local clearing costs.

RAMHOIST: PI has sent to your email

Customer: My clearing agent send me this request. Please replay with the needed information.

Please could you send me the weight an dimensions of this? 

Do you possibly have a brochure on it for us to determine duties? 

I presume the package will be on a pallet. Please give the dimensions and weight.

RAMHOIST: 42kg,  0.4*0.32*0.24 (L*W*H, unit: m) = 0.03CBM 

Total weight: 42kg/pc*16pcs=672 kg

Total measurement: 0.03CBM*16pcs =0.49 CBM

yes, carton box for each chain block, then total on pallet. 

Pallet size: 1.17*0.97cm*0.125 (L*W*H, unit: m)

Pallet weight: 15kg

technical brochure:

HS code: 8425190000

Customer: My importer asked for the following:

As discussed, please check with supplier which consolidation company will be handling this shipment in order to quote effectively on the landside charges.

RAMHOIST: COSCO, MSC or MSK, your estimated custom cost is 200-300 USD

Customer: Please see my importers responds.

We need more information regarding your exporter.

See my importers request below.

Please can you ask supplier which company will be consolidating the LCL shipment. The consolidator will be the company who collects the cargo and who arranges for the container to be shared. They are also responsible for the pack and unpack of the container.

Examples of an LCL consolidator are CFR Freight and Vanguard Logistics.

I am happy to liaise directly with the supplier if you are comfy and if need be to get this moving.

RAMHOIST: Tianjin Qiancheng International Forwarding Agency Co., Ltd. (天津乾程国际货运代理有限公司)