HSC chain block to Costa Rica

Keyword:HSC chain block   Time:2021-4-27 11:00:36

咨询产品:  HSC chain blocks
客户姓名:  Alberto A. Corrales
手机号码:  3055927***
客户邮箱:  acorrales@eagleser***.com
客户留言:  Please provide cost and shipping availability

RAMHOIST: Dear Alberto A. Corrales 
0.5T * 3m21
1T * 3m21.5
2T * 3m25
3T * 3m38.5
5T * 3m55
the price is based on US $/unit
site photos we just delivered: http://www.ramhoist.com/Chain-Blocks/1911.html
ship to Sanjose port, Costa Rica is available, may i know the quantity you need then i can calculate the sea freight accordingy, thanks

Customer: Thanks for your quick response.

I´ll like to quote just one unit. I´ll like to try it out first of all.

RAMHOIST: Do you have agent in china that we can send, since there is abnormal freight and custom cost to your port for just one

Customer: No I don´t have one. And IT´s not abnormal, I have already purchased many samples before and the manufacturer delivers with no problems at all.

If you have trouble let me know so I can look for another vendor.

Thanks in advance for your assistance

RAMHOIST: pls check which capacity you need then i will ask express cost for you