Bigger open (I beam width) with smaller capacity for plain trolley

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RAMHOIST: Woud you pls check attached plain trolley, standard open (I beam width) is 60-110mm, when we make the longer shaft to suit your open 100-150mm, we found the actual load is less than 1T, would you pls check what's your actual load you need? or whether our default standard open is ok for you? 

GCT-A plain trolley 01ton(1吨桃型).jpg

Plain trolley 01ton (1吨桃型)

Customer: Hi Yang


How are you ?


Checking the product in our stock the load need to be 2T and the all specification you can see below:


This is the actual plain trolley performance data:

I took some pictures of the product, you can check below:

2T GCT plain trolley-2.jpg

2T GCT plain trolley-3.jpg

2T GCT plain trolley-4.jpg

2T GCT plain trolley-5.jpg

We need to keep a standard about this product in Brazil, check my information and give us a feedback about it.

RAMHOIST: GCT-A plain trolley  02ton :  21.5 USD/unit, 4.5 USD more than 1ton

pls confirm then we will produce immediately, thanks

Customer: Hi Yang


Ouw price increase.  Can we make a deal? I can pay USD 20,00 unit.

RAMHOIST: OK, agree. 

revised PI has been sent to your email, we will make GCT-A plain trolley  02ton immediately.

RAMHOIST: For size of plain trolley 1T you give us, it is wrong size, pls check below size we measure for 1t, it is standard size.

1T plain trolley size we measured-1.jpg

1T plain trolley size we measured-2.jpg

1T plain trolley size we measured-3.jpg

1T plain trolley size we measured-4.jpg