Truck Davit Crane hoist price from Guatemala

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Dear Sirs I need to quote a client: a couple of units for Truck Davit Crane hoist, Hand Type for a 500kg,

electric winch hoist Type (standard),

Winch For a manhole 25 meters Deep. Standard and Electric versions.

pendant control.

Rotation 360 degree.  arm or body.


Please send me Price for a Crane Hydraulic option too.

Posible need more units, for the momento they need to have Price.


As I don´t sell this equipment yet don´t have too much knowledge, maybe I´m mixing the information. Reading I see the Hydraulic model has rotation.


Accordind to your requirements, we have two types for your reference, first is 500kg mini truck crance with 12v/24v 3000LBS electric winch, second is hydraulic type 500kg mini truck crane with 12v/24cv 3000LBS electric winch. pls check

Davit cranes 8.jpg

Davit cranes 15.jpg


Can you send me price of 2 types?


Do you have AC current in site? 

Winch for a manhole 25 m deep-----do you mean the lifting height you also need 25m, with 3000LBS winch, it can not lift 25m. 


It is to send and recover a worker (1 person) in a confined space of 25 meters Deep.  500 kg strenght Will be fine. 

Energy just from car (vehicule). 


We can use a 6000LBS electric winch, in theory, it can lift a person in 500kg within 24m, and in 25m, it can lift a person below 500kg but it is enough for lift a person, but we do not suggest to use this davit crane since it is usually to lift goods but no person, 

Customer: Thanks Yang, please send me a quote for this option.

RAMHOIST: 500kg mini truck crance with 12v/24v 3000LBS electric winch: 345 USD/unit
hydraulic type 500kg mini truck crane with 12v/24cv 3000LBS electric winch: 425 USD/unit
but this davit cranes normally used to lift material but not a person.
if you always used to lift person we suggest you to use rescue tripod to instead:

we suggest to use Rescue tripods with 2600lbs Self-locking winch.

Rescue tripods.jpg