Sample order for mini crane, 100kg capacity, height 20m, 220v single phase

Keyword:mini crane   Time:2020-6-29 18:37:01

Customer: can you send me price for mini crane - 1 unit, 100kg capacity, height 20m, 220v single phase please send also delivery costs to Haifa, Israel,
meanwhile i need 1 item only. pls give me price and shipment. thanks 

RAMHOIST: mini crane: 120 USD
Inland cost+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee+sea freight: 150 USD
your estimated custom clearance cost: 300 USD
shippment time: 25 days
Technical details:
would you take a photo of power switch you use in your side, we must make sure that it can be used in your side. 

Customer: we use both plugs 220v. The first one if divice equipped with ground(earth) or second one without earthing.

plugs 220v with ground(earth).jpg


RAMHOIST: it is European style, we will make this one (marked in red circle)

Different kinds of plug used in mini hoist.jpg

European style plug.jpg

European style plug

Similar Photos:

mini crane made in china2.jpg

mini crane made in china3.jpg

mini crane made in china1.jpg

RAMHOIST: Site photos of mini crane for this sample order
8425110000 (电动葫芦)1PKGS 16KG 15KG 0.016CBM
8428909090  (吊运机)   2PKGS 28KG 27KG 0.079CBM

Site photos of mini crane2.jpg

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Site photos of mini crane8.jpg

Site photos of mini crane9.jpg

Site photos of mini crane10.jpg

Site photos of mini crane11.jpg

Site photos of mini crane5.jpg

Site photos of mini crane1.jpg

Site photos of mini crane3.jpg

Site photos of mini crane4.jpg

Remark: suggested rest after working 10-20 mins.