Mini crane with Gasoline engine

Keyword:Mini crane with Gasoline engine   Time:2020-8-24 17:08:33

Customer: Please see below link to the mini crane I'd love to purchase.

mini crane with Gasoline engine customer request1.jpg

mini crane with Gasoline engine customer request2.jpg

RAMHOIST: we have similar as below, 750 USD/unit, however we can customized to same as yours

mini crane with Gasoline engine1.jpg

mini crane with Gasoline engine3.jpg

mini crane with Gasoline engine4.jpg

mini crane with Gasoline engine2.jpg

Customer: Do you ship by air?

What is the cost for air or sea shipment?

RAMHOIST: what is the quantity u need? suggest to transport by sea since air cost is calculated by kgs.

Customer: How long and how much does it cost to ship by sea for one?

Preferably would like air shipment though since the product is urgently needed.
Additional purchases would be made after. 

RAMHOIST: sea normally need 1 month while air is needed 5 days, which air port is convenient for u to pick up?

Customer: Kingston-Norman Manley Airport

RAMHOIST: air freight: 9.7 USD/kg * 300KG=2910 USD 

we still suggest you transport by sea, it need 35 days to Kingstion sea port, with much cheaper price.