jib crane quote (1 tonne – 180 degree – 4m high 3m reach)

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Customer: Price please

Jib Crane – 1 tonne – 180 degree – 4m high 3m reach.

RAMHOIST:2000 USD/unit (FOB china)

techncial details: http://www.ramhoist.com/Cranes-Components2/1825.html

Customer: Do you have any cusomters in Thailand, AUS or Europe that you could give me for review and feedback?

RAMHOIST:  Pls check below as reference:
Jenmon International Pte Ltd
Dejan AG 
DELCO Maldives Pvt Ltd
Antares Group Ltd.

Customer: If my lift height is 4m – how high will the top of the crane be… It is going under a Mezzanine floor…. J


Customer: Aw. I only have 4.5M clearance…. How high can I lift if Height of Crane is 4.3M (200mm clearance..)

RAMHOIST: 3.5m,  is it ok for you?

we suggest to make the height of crane to 4.4m (100mm clearance)
we use low headroom hoist.
the max. lifthing height is about 3.8m

Customer: I now have Height clearance of 5M J

So Give some space, maybe overall height of Jib Crane 4.8M?

Is that ok?

RAMHOIST: yes, 4.8m is perfect solution

Customer: Sounds good.

Can you send me complete Installation Guide in English please?

We are nearly ready to order J thanks



jib crane user manual (a part).pdf

Customer: Is there any info on how to fix to the ground?

Also, If I order 1st August, when would you have it ready for? thanks

RAMHOIST: pls check ground diagram
2 weeks after receiving payment.

ground diagram (地基图).jpg

Customer: Hi. Is there installation for the concrete floor?

Not a lot of detail on how to fix….

Will be ordering in the next 2 weeks. Just waiting for mezzanine floor to be constructed J


1. Concrete shall be mixed with cement above 400# and fine stone.
2. The foundation should have a certain degree of taper, small at the top and large at the bottom.
3. During foundation casting, first install anchor bolts on foundation formwork and lock them with upper and lower nuts to ensure that anchor bolts are evenly distributed in all places and the relative position error is no more than 1mm.Put the panel on the foundation pit, grouting can be carried out after the general correction,remove the panel after its solidification, and then level it with cement mortar, and adjust the horizontal plane.
4. While pouring the foundation, the 4X1.5 cable with φ30mm diameter metal tube or PVC tube is embedded in the foundation, and the cable length of the exposed part is 2 meters.
5. Installation shall be carried out after at least 15 days when the maintenance temperature of the foundation is 10°C ~ 30 ° C.
6. During installation, match the holes in the base plate of the column with the embedded anchor bolts to make the column perpendicular to the horizontal and lock it with double layer nuts.

Customer: We have to do new concrete?

This area already has concrete floor…

Do you mean we cannot drill and install? We need to cut out big square hole in floor and re-concrete?

RAMHOIST:  Two suggestons as follows:

1: Need to cut out big square hole in floor and re-concrete
2: Alternatively, if you really refuse to dig holes, you could drill holes for installing the anchor& bolts and fix the chassis, and then make concrete around the pillars about 400-500mm high, and concrete wall thickness should be greater than 300mm.