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Good morning.
We are looking for Portable Davit crane with following requirement:-
To lift at least 250kg, manual
Rotatable head
At least 1 meter lift above ground floor
Will be utilized outdoor so requires coating or stainless steel
Bolted base mounting preferred
Light weight, can be dismantled
Required quantity: 3units
Delivery address: Singapore
Appreciate if you could quote us your best price. 


Portable Davit crane1
Portable Davit crane2Portable Davit crane3Portable Davit crane4

with electric winch, 100 USD
no problem used in outdoor but need avoid rain Customer:
We will need manual operated portable crane, are you able to offer?
Can you please provide us catalogue/ spec for reference? 


Portable Davit crane5
Portable Davit crane6

with hand winch, 90 USD Customer:
Able to provide us the freight cost to Singapore based on quantity of 3units?
Kindly provide us the dimensions and packing details. RAMHOSIT:
Inland cost+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee+sea freight: 150 USD
your estimated custom clearance cost: 300 USD
125*35*35(cm), 65KG/unit
better to buy more or go along with other items to your country, your custom clearance cost and other cost for 3 pcs and 30 pcs is almost same. Customer:
Well noted, thanks for advise.
I found this ecatalogue through your website, is it the same as what you quoted?
We will need the spec/catalogue for technical verification, please provide us. 

the two types in catalogue both with electric winch

Portable Davit crane7

while we offer is hand winch    

Portable Davit crane8

all they use the same frame, with the specification which i sent you before.
we do not have specification of the manual winch, however there are similar as below:

Manual winch

Good morning.
Can you please also quote us the davit crane with lifting 1.2T?
as the table showed, it should be HWC-2500.

Portable Davit crane9

RAMHOIST: with hand winch, 150 USD    
May i know the max. weight you need to lift?     

Customer: We need to lift 900kg, is it ok?


Portable Davit crane10

yes, but hand winch not not reach, we need use big capacity electric winch (6000LBS), the price is 280 US, in the ABOVE yellow marked (circled) location, it can lift 900KG    Portable Davit crane11

Customer: However, we will need the davit crane with est. lifting weight 900-1000kgs at the 1mtr radius with handwinch. Do you have any counter offer which suit our requirement? We will need to use it outdoor, does the electric winch can stand for bad weather? 

RAMHOIST: The electric winch is used to connect the storage battery(电瓶)in the truck or pick-up truck, customer connect the positive pole and negative pole, then it can use, before using, pls choose 12 volts or 24 volts. the electric winch is only used with this kind of davit crane (truck crane), or it is used to pull the car. It can not be used without power from truck, and dry battery cannot be installed.
so pls confirm whether it is used in truck?
we need to use heavy duty manual winch as below rather than above manual winch, the max.lifting capacity for above winch (max.3000lbs, 3000lbs means pulling force or tractive force 牵引力)is only 500KG and can not reach your requirement.
for using heavy duty manual winch 1T (1t means the load capacity), we need to make some change for the plate or add new plate which put the winch, the traditional frame can only put traditional hand winch with max.3000lbs.so the price is higher.
it is used with two hooks and two falls
price is 350 USD

heavy duty manual winch2.jpg

Customer: How if we need the furthest point to be 1000kgs (please refer below photo), not the inner most? Are you able to offer us?

davit crane

RAMHOIST: it has two jib and is telescopic, like fishing rod, in the inner most, you can lift 1000KG, you use at the 1mtr radius, and our inner most point length is 1.1m, so when use, let the first jib shrink to the 1000KG jib, like when you fish, the fishing rod is too long, you shrink it. hope below photos will help you understand:

Davit cranes 43.jpg

Davit Cranes with telescopic jib1.jpg

Davit Cranes with telescopic jib2.jpg

Davit Cranes with telescopic jib3.jpg

Davit Cranes with telescopic jib4.jpg

Customer: Good day, hope this email finds you well.
I would like to have the update quote (with freight) for Davit crane as following spec:-
a)       Lifting weight: 1.5T, center to center distance 1.5m
b)      Manual
c)       Quantity: 2pcs
d)      Shipping address: Singapore

Davit Crane customer need.jpg

RAMHOIST: for lifting 1500KG no problem, we can use 2T frame as below and 2T heavy duty manual winch, the center to center distance is still 1.1-1.5m, means if you lift 1500KG, the center to center distance is 1.1m, pls check whether is it ok for you

2T frame of Davit Crane.jpg

Customer: Center to center if we have to increase to 1.5m, how much carrying capacity left? 


Customer: Please quote us based on quantity of 2pcs with freight cost to Singapore. 

RAMHOIST: 950 USD/pc * 2pcs = 1900 USD  
Inland cost+warehouse cost+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee+sea freight=250 USD
CFR singapore: 1900 USD + 250 USD = 2150 USD

Customer: Thanks for the quotation.
May I know the lead time and packing details (dimension and weight)?
How if we would like to arrange for air freight? Able to quote? 

RAMHOIST: lead time: 20 days
Packing details: 2T frame: 250kg*2pcs=500kg, 2m*0.4*0.4mm = 0.32 cbm *2pcs =0.64 cbm                
                          2T manual winch+wire ropes+hooks: 35kg*2pcs=70KG 0.48*0.395*0.285=0.054*2pcs =0.018cbm  
we do not suggest transported by air since the cost is calculated by kg and very high, beside, it take only 10 days from china to singapore by sea.