Inquiry for a floor crane without legs in front from Kazakhstan

Keyword:floor crane without legs in front   Time:2020-11-6 12:49:58

Customer: Our company is situated in Kazakhstan.
We are searching for a semielectric or electric crane, 1 ton and height of lift up to 3 m with elecric drive for movement.  
Would you be so kind to send us a quotation with ExW price, guarantee period and technical specification with photos.
Would you be so kind to provide me a feedback and write when you can send us your quotation.
Waiting for your reply. 

RAMHOIST: 1t Fully Electric Floor Crane: 2800 USD
technical details: 

Customer: Thank you for your reply. Our engineer checked it. But he said that this floor crane does not suit us. We need a crane without legs in front of the crane.
Maybe you can suggest us some more models? 

RAMHOSIT: pls check the photos. 

Electric floor crane made in china2.jpg

Electric floor crane made in china3.jpg

Electric floor crane made in china4.jpg

Electric floor crane made in china5.jpg

Customer: Thank you for the photos. Our engineer checked it. You can find photos of the cranes that he chose (below). Would you be so kind to send their specification that we can choose.


floor crane without legs in front1.jpg



floor crane without legs in front2.jpg


1st one: 7300 USD/unit

Technical parameter for 1st type floor crane without legs in front

Technical parameter for 1st type floor crane without legs in front.png

technical drawing for battery trolley crane (arm with no rotation)--without front legs.png

Main jib is 1900mm, Auxiliary jib is 600mm, so Total jib length is 2500mm    
When the jib length is 1900mm, it can lift 400KG, when the jib is fully extended (2500mm), it can lift 400KG.

2nd one: 2800 USD/unit

it is customized product, with lifting height 1.6m-1.8m, electric lifting and manual moving, but the max. lifting weight is 800KG, pls check whether it is ok for you?

floor crane without legs in front5.jpg

3rd one: 2200 USD/unit

it is customized product, electric lifting and manual moving, hydraulic telescopic, 24v power supply, but the max. weight height is 700KG, pls check whether it is ok for you?

This series can also be made to 1200KG, but with price 2800 USD/unit

Design drawing for 3rd type floor crane without legs in front.jpg

Customer: Thank you for your quotation. Our enginner chose Battery trolley crane model SDC1025-C: USD 7300/pc.
Would you be so kind to send us packing information: number of packages, overall dimentions (L*W*H), gross and net weights, CBM.
Address to receive the crane for the forwarder.
As well we need your company documents:
1. Business certificate
2. Export licence
These documents we need to check your company.
When we receive your packing information we will calculate transportation and customs clearance cost. And send this information to our commercial director to receive his approval for buying the crane.

As well would you be so kind to give us HS code for this crane for customs clearance.

RAMHOIST: HS code: 8428909090
number of packages: 1
overall dimentions (L*W*H): 2980*850*1600
G.W.: 690KG
N.W: 650KG
CBM: 4.1 CBM
Address: No 8 Songyuan South Road Gaochun Economic Development Zone, Nanjing China

Business certificate and Export licence has sent to your email

Customer: Can you send us a drawing like below for the Battery trolley crane model SDC1025-C


technical drawing of Battery trolley crane model SDC1025-C.jpg

pls check if no problem then i will send you PI, thanks

Customer: Would you be so kind to provide us the following information:
1. PI with your banking details, terms of payment, period of production, guarantee period, spare parts that you can send for free with this SDC1025-C crane with a stamp and your company stamp.
2. Full name of your director who will sign our contract.
3. Address where we will receive the crane

RAMHOIST: PI has sent to your email, the price is ex-works, do you have agent in china that we will send? thanks

Customer: Thank you for your PI.
Would you be so kind to write me full name and position of an authorized person who will sign our contract after we together approve it?
Yes, we have a forwarder to deliver this crane to us. And address for taking the crane is No 8 Songyuan South Road Gaochun Economic Development Zone, Nanjing China?

RAMHOIST: revised PI has sent to your email

yes, the address is correct

Customer: Ok, we understand. I hope that everything with our purchase will be ok. I send our draft contract to our top management for checking. When they check I will send it for your checking.

Would you be so kind to check a draft contract. If everything ok, I send it to our director for signing and affixing our company's stamp.
If there are any changes and comments then would you be so kind to highlight them.

RAMHOIST: the contrat is ok, pls sign and stamp, thanks
Customer: Would you be so kind to sign and affix your company stamp to the contract. After receiving a signed contract I will send an invoice to our accoutant to effect the payment.

RAMHOIST: contract with stamp and sign has sent to your email

Customer: You can find a bank transfer order of 30 % to the crane.
We are waiting the photos before packing and as well photos of the packing itself and certificate of quality before we are effect the payment of the rest 70 %.

RAMHOIST: would you pls confirm which charger you need:

which charger you need.jpg

Customer: We need this one.

Customer: Was your instruction translated into English? When can you send it to start our translation into Russian?
When our crane will be ready?

RAMHOIST: below is instruction. the crane is ready to delivery.

Instruction Manual of Foldable Shop Crane (SDC1025-C).pdf

Customer: Thank you for the instruction.

Would you be so kind to send us a packing list with accurate data.
Tomorrow I will contact with our forwarder and provide them all data.

I read your instruction. But I did not find that movement (wheel movement) was provided by battery. This requirement is the first that we are searching for. Because we have a big workshop and we need that wheel movement is to be automatic.

RAMHOIST: i confirm it is automatic
will send you packing list tomorrow.
pls send payment slip after you arrange the balance payment, thanks

Customer: Would you be so kind to send us invoice with 70% please. I will provide it that our director sign it and then to our accountant.

RAMHOIST: has sent to your email

Customer: You can find our bank transfer order in attachment. 
Would you be so kind to confirm us when you will receive our payment. 

As well waiting an accurate packing dimensions in your packing list. 

What about additional information of movement (wheel movement) by battery in your instruction? When do you send it to us?

Instruction Manual of Foldable Shop Crane (SDC1025-C).pdf

RAMHOIST: have you contacted the forwarder? no forwarder contact me for delivery goods

Customer: They will contact you tomorrow.

It will take time for me to update the price from our forwarder and to confirm it with my top management.

I gave your contacts to our forwarder. They will contact you.

RAMHOIST: the Battery trolley crane has sent today, pls check the site photos in this link:

Customer: Thank you for the photos.

Customer: Our broker said that a sealing ring that is supplied for free to us is to have a seperate invoice.
I changed the data. Would you be so kind to fill in the price of this sealing ring.

RAMHOIST: sent to your email

Customer: This we need for our customs. They said that we need to provide customs clearance for this spare part separately.

RAMHOIST: wish chinese lunar new year bring all good things to you?

may i know the crane delivered from xi'an? there is no news from your forwarder after they picked up from our site, pls confirm it is in the right person, thanks

Customer: Thank you. May this year be fruitful for new business contacts and cooperation.

The forwarder is ok. We are waiting for the permission for delivery of the crane by railway. There was a big traffic. I hope that this or next week we receive permission to start delivery.
According to your packing: If you sell for export it is better to pack the crane in a plywood case not only on the pallet. Because the crane paint can be scratched. And a road is long. That is why it is better.

RAMHOIST: yes, what you said is right, but few customer reluctant to do so since packing with plywood case need several hundred USD dollors.

Customer: If you provided us information that there was only a pallet then we would pay you additional money for a plywood case. Because we understand that the crane can loose its appearance and can be damaged during transportation.
Or there is also the following variant: if you fix crane only on a pallet it is necessary to wrap it in a bubble wrap properly for several layers. That it cannot be scratched easily.  
Because before packing our crane in the container for transportation our forwarder paid our attention that the crane was only on the pallet. And we paid him additional money for the packing our crane in a plywood case (see the photo below).
That is why in the future for the customers that are abroad it is better to ask them about packing that they pay attention to this matter.

RAMHOIST: in future orders we will wrap it in a bubbe wrap properly

Customer: Would you be so kind to write us net weight of the sealing ring. It is necessary for our customs.


Six months later:

RAMHOIST: We will appreciate your comments of our crane, Kindly let us know which parts or elements you are not satisfied with, thanks

Customer: Dear Mr. Yang,
We do not have any claims to your crane. Everything is ok. But when you will send your cranes to Suppliers would you be so kind to write that terminals are not connected to the battery for safety transportation. And before starting to use the crane it is necessary to connect terminals to the battery.

RAMHOIST: Sorry for your inconvenience, we will take care in future, thank you and wish you every success!