Sample order for mini crane 750/1500KG

Keyword:Sample order for mini crane 750/1500KG   Time:2020-11-22 7:08:31

Customer: Hi, we want to purchase this product 500kg 1000kg Construction Roof Mini Home Floor Use Machinery Lifting Small Builders Crane Mini Winch Crane, please send me more details about it. 

RAMHOIST:500/1000KG: 250 USD  (if in single rope, then it is 0.5t,  if in double rope, then it is 1t for electric hoist)
Technical details: 

Customer: What is the most powerful mini crane that works with a 220v power supply and how much will cost shipped to Romania? 

RAMHOIST:the most powerful mini crane is 750/1500KG
different quantity leads freight different, may i know your quantity, thanks Customer:How much kg lift the most powerful crane that works at 220v supply? I need only one for start  because I want to try it. 

RAMHOIST:750/1500KG: 500 USD  (if in single rope, then it can lift 0.75t max, if in double rope, then it is 1.5t max for electric hoist)
Inland cost+warehouse+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee+sea freight: 150 USD
your estimated custom clearance cost: 300 USD
Above cost is based on CFR  BUCHAREST port.
if you have agent in china that we can send to your agent in too. 

Customer: I need one with double cable for 1.5t at 220v. You say that the total cost it will be around 670 dollars? How long it will take to arrive in Bucharest? 

RAMHOIST:yes, the cost is right, for 1 pc or 10 pcs, your custom clearance cost is almost same.
45 days it will arrive to Bucharest port (35 days for sea transport)
if no problem, then i will send you PI, thanks 

Customer:Please send me more photos or video with the one that has double rope and works with 230v power supply. 


Electric winch1.jpg

Electric winch2.jpg

Electric winch3.jpg

Electric winch4.jpg

Different plug for mini crane for you choose

Different plug for mini crane.jpg

Customer: The crane is delivered completely, the engine with double ropes and metalic frame?

RAMHOIST: yes, delivered completely, with metalic frame, but it is still one rope with two hooks and two falls, below is the usage of two falls (one rope)

usage of two falls (one rope) for mini crane.jpg

Package (

Package of mini crane2.jpg

290*70*20 (L*W*H, unit: CM)

96*93*75 (L*W*H, unit: CM)

electric winch750-1500kg (single rope50KG, double rope1500KG)5.jpg

62*28*29 (L*W*H, unit: CM),  43KG (G.W.),  38KG (N.W.)


Total Volume is 0.75*0.96*0.93+2.9*0.7*0.2=0.670+0.406=1.076 CBM

Total weight: 143KG

3 Packge

pls confirm the power supply is 220V single phase but not 220V three phase, the default length of wire rope we will use 30m 

Customer: In my country we use 220v power supply single phase 1 null and 1 ground, three wires. The plug is in the last image plug, European plug.

RAMHOIST: the mini crane is produced over as below:

SIte photos of mini crane 750kg-2.jpg

SIte photos of mini crane 750kg-1.jpg

SIte photos of mini crane 750kg-3.jpg

site photos of 750kg mini crane4.jpg

Customer: Costom also asking details about electric hoist, like power and for crane frame also. 

RAMHOIST: purpose is lifting goods, power is 2.0KW in 220V single phase, crane frame is made of iron

Customer: Hello! The cranes arrived today. Do you have mounting instructions?

RAMHOIST: no mounting manual, it is vey simple, just fix the several screw holes in the base plate (固定底座的几个螺丝孔就行)

Customer: Can you tel me if i have to put oil inside hoist?

can you tel me if i have to put oil inside hoist.jpg

RAMHOIST: yes, Lithium grease oil (锂基脂油)