2T electric floor crane with 230v/1phase/50

Keyword:2T electric floor crane   Time:2021-1-15 22:24:53

Customer: Thank you for your attention.
We have another enquiry to supply hydraulic lifter.
May I check whether you are able to supply manual lifter similar to the attached dimension
This hydraulic lifter is to be powered by an electric motor of not more than 1.5kW 230v/1phase/50 cycle with all necessary electric control.
6 units is required but customer would want to try one first.
Should you need further clarifications, please let me know.
Note: battery powered is not required as this is for fix installation.

Manual Lifter 2 ton Dimension Layout -.pdf

RAMHOIST: the drawing is wrong, in your word listing, it is electric hydraulic since you need electric motor, but the drawing is manual hydraulic.
besides, in the drawing it is 3T but the file name is 2 ton,
of course, it is fix installation, no problem. 

Customer:Thank you for your reply.
Yes, the drawing is the manual operated hydraulic lifter, this is just for you to understand our requirement is something similar to the picture which is an electric motor operated type.
Can you quote us this type of motor operated hydraulic lifter? Qty: 1 ea. 

RAMHOIST: pls confirm it is 2ton or 3ton

Customer: This is 2 ton machine. 

RAMHOIST: 7500 USD/unit, Similar photos as follows:

electric floor crane with 230v,1phase50hz-1.jpg

electric floor crane with 230v,1phase50hz-2.jpg

Below is the drawing we design according to your request

2ton electric floor crane(八叉式电动吊车示意图).PDF

Customer: I wish you a good & prosperous 牛 year, regarding the hydraulic floor crane, the customer has not finalized purchase yet.
Anyway, we will look for other opportunity to sell your hydraulic system and components and I am hoping to visit your company when we are allowed to travel again without 14 days quarantine regulation.