Offer for 2.5 to 3Ton battery operated hydraulic floor crane from Pakistan

Keyword:2.5 to 3Ton battery operated hydraulic floor crane   Time:2021-2-18 14:37:13

Customer: With reference to the above-mentioned subject, please note that we require 2.5 to 3Ton battery operated hydraulic floor crane. Therefore, we request you to kindly quote us the equivalent crane on Ex-Works in US Dollars per unit rate along-with the technical specifications and with the brochures.
Looking forward for your immediate reply in this matter.

RAMHOIST: 5000 USD/unit
Technical details:

Customer: Thank you for sharing details with us!
With reference to your undermentioned E-mail message, please note that the information you have shared is nearly complying with our need however, we will appreciate your prompt response if you share the load chart of crane with us or please confirm the load capacity crane can carry at different height and at different outreach.
Looking forward for your updates in this matter.


load chart of 3t Electric Floor Crane.jpg

outreach at 1400mm, the load capacity is 3t
outreach at 2500mm, the load capacity is 1.5t