Mini construction crane should be changed to Quay crane

Keyword:Small construction cranes   Time:2021-4-18 11:57:32

Customer: Good day!

The company "P*** VILLAGE" LLC is interested in purchasing 

the following materials.
Small construction cranes - 10 pcs
- Lifting Height (m) 100
- Payload (kg) 1000
- Voltage (v) 220/380
- Turn of an arrow (hail) 360
RAMHOIST: HS code: 84251100
for 1t small construction crane, the lifting height 100m is too high, it can not lift 1000kg

Customer: Ok. Can you send me your option

RAMHOIST: May i know lifting height 100m is a must for you?

Customer: Yes, I have 9 and 12 floor building.

RAMHOIST: then we can only use 1.5T, with the lifting height 60M, it can lift 300KG, with the lifting height 100m, It can only lift less than 300KG. 
for every hoist/winch, when the lifting height is more than 6m (or 9m), the lifting load will gradually decrease, this mini construction is normally used for lifting in low floor, but customer like you use in high floor, they use them to lift window or other light thing which is around 100KG, that's enough to lift.

Customer: I need a small crane to lift a load,
it should lift about 1000 kg per 100 meters high.

If you can offer something

RAMHOIST: we will use below to lift about 1000kg per 100m height, would you pls check you use outside or inside

Quay crane made in china

Turn of an arrow (hail) 360 by manual, if you need trun by auto. pls keep me informed

Customer: Can I use this crane in outside and inside.

Pls! send me full specification of the crane and photos have too.

RAMHOIST: normally it is used in outside, if used in inside, then the jib (boom) can not be too long since it is limited by window, we need to know what's the length you need.

Customer: Can you send me offer something.
What type of crane are you have for outside and inside

RAMHOIST: the jib is not standard and need to make according to your actual condition, price will be different for different length, in other words, when the wire rope hung from the crane to lift different item, different item has differnt size, we need to know the distance from the center of the item for lifting to the wall, this lead the jib length differnt, however, we will calculate with the biggest size you lift. 
pls check this link, it is the standard one: