Inquiry for Gear wheel and gear motor cost

Keyword:Gear wheel and gear motor cost   Time:2021-4-23 20:23:59

Cusomer: I would like to know cost for gear wheel:

And plain wheel:

Also cost of gear motor:

100 series  .6kw  ~230 volt 3 phase.

RAMHOIST: GW150PW150: 182.33 US $/unit (FOB china)
including 2 plain and 2 geared with shafts, bearings, spacers and keepers.

100 series  .6kw  ~230 volt 3 phase: 220.74 US $/unit (FOB china)

May i know the quantity too? thanks

RAMHOIST: May i know if you have received below email? thanks

Cusomer: I received the prices thank you.

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