Looking for Electric Hoist Mini Crane from Saudi Arabia

Keyword:   Time:2021-4-27 6:43:47

Customer: We are looking for an electric mini hoist small lift crane same as below in your website. 

Different Capacity 360 Degree Rotating 800kg Shaft Construction Electric Mini Hoist Small Lift Davit Crane

RAMHOIST: 200 USD/unit

Customer: Please send me more information about hoist, electric, arm length, pile high, wire length, weight can carry, bearing  . Also, the guarantee because we need different shapes and sizes. we need technical drawing 


Electric Hoist Mini Crane2.jpg

Electric Hoist Mini Crane3.jpg

Guarantee: 1 year
we export lots of this mini crane, no problem for the quality

Would you send your detailed request then we will work the parameter you need accordingly, thanks

could we cooperate? thanks

Customer: Yes we will cooperate. We need a 20' container but I am busy and I am not sure about your quality. In Saudi Arabia now custom asking for COC certificate and other documents. Would you please check the required documents and confirm the availability of these documents? 

RAMHOIST: yes, we can make COC certificate and other documents.

Before delivery, each of our product have been tested in our own workshop, We have sold so many mini cranes in domestic and abroad, there are seldom complain about the quality.

However, once goes wrong, we will do our best to help you!

Maintence: If product goes wrong, we will help you to fix it, by text or vedio. To save both of our cost.

All are fully guaranteed for one year. In this year, if a product breaks due to a mechanical problem, all spare parts needed for repair will be provided for free. Services will be provided for each product throughout its lifetime.

Among the 200KG, 400KG, 500KG, 800KG, 1000KG frame of mini constuction crane (mini crane stand), only the 400KG is disassembled, it saves lots of space and money for transporting
you can check the details in this link: http://www.ramhoist.com/Cranes-Components2/2012.html
i think we can start with this firstly, thanks