Search for 500kg and electric 3 phases Mini Construction Cranes from UAE

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咨询产品:  Mini Construction Cranes
客户姓名:  Ravi ibrahim
手机号码:  050t670***
客户邮箱:  Raviibrahi***
客户留言:  Plz send to me best price bcz i want to start new market for this product and we will see after this what will happen

RAMHOIST: May i know the quantity then i will offer accordingly.
Customer: Sorru bcz i forget to write the quantity 
Firstly i need to try with 5 PC's of this winch and you must send to me the catalogue and the specifications sheet to take the approval from government first and this will take 3 days only after you send it 
Thank you 

RAMHOIST: would you accept 400KG? 500KG can not be dismantled thus will result in freight is high.

Customer: I search for 500kg plz 

RAMHOIST: 500KG: 150 USD/unit (ex-works)
the specification is in the previous link i sent

Customer: Thanks for your mail

I need 5 PC's of 500kg and electric 3 phases 
And plz send to me the specifications sheet for the design to take approval from government 
I need it in 1 months 
Can i pay when the cranes deliver to me here in UEA?

we need 100% TT advance for sample order, thanks

could we cooperate? thanks

Customer: Yes, of course you can. 
How can i pay for you all the money  without any warranty from your side 

RAMHOIST: warranty is 1 year.
we can write the warranty in the PI.

In this year, if a product breaks due to a mechanical problem, all spare parts needed for repair will be provided for free. Services will be provided for each product throughout its lifetime.

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