Request For Quotation of Manual-HD Parallel Leg WF Crane with pivoting from UAE

Keyword:Manual-HD Parallel Leg WF Crane   Time:2021-4-27 10:13:39

Customer: Please find below mentioned equipment details and quote your best price with delivery terms


  1. Manual -Heavy Duty Parallel Leg Workshop Floor Crane with Pivoting or Rigid Arm Styles. Capacity: 500-1000 KG width should not be less than 75 CM

Quantity: 3 Each


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RAMHOSIT: 1800 USD/unit

Workshop Floor Crane.jpg

Customer: Thank you for price,

RAMHOIST: Another Manual type, model TSB550: 1500 US $/unit

pls check below for Manual Hydraulic Pump type Floor Crane

Manual Hydraulic Pump type.jpg

Similar application of Manual Hydraulic Pump type Floor Crane pls check the link:

RAMHOSIT: beside, we also have electric types as below:

we have a 1t Fully Electric Floor Crane which is very popular here: 2800 USD/unit

technical details:

we have a 1t semi Electric Floor Crane which is very popular here: 1900 USD/unit

technical details:

Below links are two kinds of electric floor crane we just delivered: