Girder gantry crane 100 tons from Viet Nam

Keyword:Girder gantry crane 100 tons   Time:2021-5-3 16:28:02

Customer: Everything is better, thanks. How are you, Yang?

Currently, we have a new project about a girder gantry crane that is about 100 tons capacity.

Could you give me some information of your product?

I will ask customer detail, because I  think this bidding will open later this year or next year.

RAMHOIST: we are fine, thanks.
you can check the details of gantry crane in below link:

Customer: I am sent you the specifications of gantry crane 100 tons

Please have a look and give me more information of your product as soon as possible because I am going to meet customer pn Monday next week.

Specifications of Gantry Crane.xlsx

RAMHOIST: Span 45m or 35m?

Customer: Span 45m, Yang


Customer: What does that price include? Please give me more detail.

RAMHOIST: the price is based on FOB china.
your attached file has already listed all the techncial details and our offer is based on that 

Customer: Please note in next column in my attached excel file, responsive or better. If you proposal, please note.

I need catalog of your product, that suit this project to talk customer. Please support me

RAMHOIST: the offer is based on your attached request, the parameter is enough, we do not have extra.
100T is not an ordinary one and do not have catalogue for it.