quotation Jib Cranes of 2 T and radius rotation around 270 degrees from Chile

Keyword:Jib Cranes   Time:2021-5-6 21:44:54

I am looking for a boom crane for the capacity of 2 T and radius rotation around 270 degrees, the preferably with trolley running motor or electric chain block in the end, the Jib crane will be installed on board a ship.

Pedestal height 2.0 mts ;  Radius: 2.5 mtr.

Total are 3 pieces.

Please quote that will include the FOB price and delivery time. 

3700 USD/unit (FOB china)
delivery time: 20 days

Jib Cranes made in china.jpg

Customer: I appreciate to re-quote the crane considering boom 4,5 mt up to center of the hook.
My apologize by the mistake.

4300 USD/unit (FOB china)

pls contact me if any further question, thanks

Customer: Thank you very much but, already assigned to another makers.

RAMHOIST: May i know what's the reason? thanks

May i know their rate? we still want to cooperate with you if you can give us this chance, thanks

Customer: You took too much time to response, jib are already under construction, it much will be ready during present week. Thank you

RAMHOIST: oh, i am sorry.
hope we can work together next time.

you'll be satified by choosing us in future.

Customer: For sure, thank you