Inquiry of powered floor tools

Keyword:powered floor tools   Time:2021-5-7 14:22:16

Customer: Dear Mr Yang
I would like to have the information of floor crank shown as below. Please kindly provide dimension for the capacity of 1.5 tonnes.

floor crank.jpg

RAMHOIST: 5400 USD/unit (FOB china)

Customer: What is the payload while fully extracted ? 1,000kg ?


Customer: Please inform if you may have the power floor crane and provide and horiztial lift at 1,500kg.

RAMHOIST: 1500KG mean when it is not extend and used in 0 degree, when it is extended, the capacity will decrease

we have a similar crane, with the max. capacity is 2T, price is 5200USD
you can check details in this link: