Looking for a 750kg Floor Crane Manual or Electric from UAE

Keyword:750kg Floor Crane Manual or Electric   Time:2021-5-9 13:52:51

Please be informed that one of our customer is looking for a Floor Crane.  Upon checking
your website we found that you have an array of Floor Crane. In view of this kindly submit
your best offer for the below mentioned item..

Floor Crane  
Capacity = 750kg
Manual or Electric (pls submit offers for both , manual & electric)
Quantity = 1 unit
Port of Destination = Dubai, UAE

For further ref. please see attached picture provided by our customer.

floor crane

Hope to receive your best offer and lead time at the earliest.

manual: 1600 USD
electric: 5200 USD

Customer: Please advise the incoterms.  And kindly also provide specs, picture, drawing or
any brochure that we can also submit to our customer.

RAMHOIST: pls check all the details in this link: http://www.ramhoist.com/Cranes-Components2/1808.html

Customer: Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.

Please be informed that there are 3 models each for Auto & Manual Floor Crane.  Kindly
specify to which model your offer pertaining to?

Auto (Auto SD-A1T , SD-A2T & SD -A3T)
Manual,Counter Balance (SD-B-0325, SD-B-0525 & SD-B-1021)

Auto (Auto SD-A1T )
Manual (SD-B-1021 )